Biyernes, Hulyo 05, 2013

I've been spending a lot of time of /pol/

These are the sort of things /pol/lacks ACTUALLY believe.

I recall /pol/ ganged up on her quite a bit.

The shadow government is stealing ALL of your freedom.

They don't like jews or multiculturalism very much (and I detest the latter).

These feminists are what /pol/ thinks all of them are.

If white males were the master race, why do they whine about having a lack of power in society?

You know who else likes to whine about a police state? Reddit.

One of the best point that board will ever make.

Another thing cited by them to justify their hatred of feminism.

This blacks out entirely after searcher through the #misogyny tag on tumblr.

They don't even like this movie.

Many neo-nazis and Stormfronters like /pol/. Regulars of that board do not exactly welcome them.

Science is patriarchal. Oop!

They are rivalled by the Jewish Internet Defence Force, or JIDF. They need to go.

Right is wrong, strong is weak, left is right is WRONG. /pol/ would call this tumblr user a drone/zombie.

They don't like being watched.

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