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Political Incorrectness Copypasta Part 2

Hey guys, isn't it weird how doublespeak all these weird far left-wing ideas of "privilege" and "The Patriarchy are? Not to mention all those buzzwords (take your pick) that young tumblr leftists use ("problematic"/"erasure"/"whitewashing"/"mansplaining", etc). If I didn't know better, I'd say that these social justice warriors are actually trying to implement an Orwellian Ministry of Justice in the real world! /s


Let's start:

>Thinking their oppressed
>It's the 21st Century
>Women are not oppressed at all
>They complain anyway

>The Gay Revolution starts!
>Parades everywhere!
>World runs out of AIDS meds
>Some hetrosexuals wonders why the prades aren't being held anymore.
>Most don't.
>Even more didn't even notice them to begin with. (OH SNAP)


Oh, but let me get all of these buzzwords out so the NSA will get to read them too (just joking NSA):
#"common-sense" legislation #assault weapon #high capacity clips #freedom #equality #liberty #fair share #prosperity #Nazi #Socialism #Middle Class #American People #Security #Egalitarianism #Weapons of Mass Destruction #Military Grade Assault Weapons #promise #diversity #tolerance #racism #privilege #multiculturalism #minority #job creators #one-percenters #pro-life #pro-choice #unnatural #terrorists #freedom fighters #liberation #free market #misogyny #rights #level the playing field #adult conversation #buzzword #homophobia #pinnacle #progress #balanced approach #invest in our future #light rail #sustainability #green jobs #we are failing our kids #scientific consensus #hate speech #hate group #hate crime #bigot #compromise #"common sense legislation" #"America is a nation of immigrants" #reasonable #"a balanced approach #Genocide #Liberal #Heritage #Anti-white #Anti-semite #Offensive #Insulting #affirmative action #tax-and-spend liberal #protected class #Climate Change #Bipartisan agreement #Moral #God #Bible #Jesus Christ #Founding Fathers #Constitution #Patriotism #built on the backs of slavery #our ancestors created towns and cities in the wilderness #cis #reactionary #Wall Street #bombing #airport #Jihad #Muslim #false flag #inside job #riot #revolutionary #Ron Paul #insurrection #Obama #End the Fed #Federal Reserve #Anarchy #Libertarianism #gun control #holocaust #World War 3 #Hitler #school shooting #serial killer #national threat

See a woman using her laptop in the airport
I notice it has stopped working
My oppressive male heart fills with sadistic malice towards her
I walk up to her, grinning with savage glee
Shock and horror fills her face as she sees me looming over her
Her eyes brim with tears
She cowers and begs “P-please don’t, sir…”
My engorging penis begins to rip the seams of my pants as I leer and say “Pardon me, but I couldn’t help noticing you’re having computer troubles. If you don’t mind, I’m sure I could fix them.”
Her eyes downcast, she mumbles “o-okay”
I savagely take her computer and begin to fix the rather simple problem as tears stream down her face
All the men around me begin laughing evilly and hooting like wild apes of Borneo, reveling in her oppression
I hand it back to her, saying darkly that it should be working now
Testosterone fueled ecstasy fills me as I watch her spirit crumble
She weakly takes it from my strong male grip
All the women in the airport are now forced on their knees from the oppression in the air
Defeated, broken, she feebly sobs “Thank you” as the last of her independence disappears
As I go to catch my flight, I smugly reply “It was my privilege”

Standing in line for the queue of taxis, I notice a middle-aged woman rushing up desperately to the end of the queue
With a feeling of utter contempt consuming me, I choose to stop her as she proceeds to the end of this long line
She trembles, a mixture of fear and impotent rage begins to envelop her as the horrid realization of what is taking place washes over her
The feel of control and power lifts up my patriarchal spirit, my penis engorging at the thought of this situation
With one hand I open the door of the taxi waiting to take me to my destination, while the other hand ushers her inside
Humiliated, wretched and debased, she can think of no way to combat the dominance taking place
The women present sob and look away, the men smile on arrogantly, knowing the delicious feeling of power and contempt vicariously
She utters “thank-you” in a miserable monotone, stepping, defeated, inside the waiting taxi
As I shut the door, my erection brushes against her arm eliciting a shudder and a widening of her sad, now horrified, eyes
I lean in closer, whispering only to her
“It was my privilege.”

In a library
A woman walks by with a towering pile of books in her arms
Towers being phallic in nature, it’s obviously a provocation
At this point I’m burning with the desire to oppress her
Suddenly she trips and drops most of the books
I quickly respond and start picking them up in a pretend attempt to aid her
Deadly silence descends as this is taking place, all eyes are on us
My cock hardens with every book I pick up with my capable hands
She’s shuddering, eyes tearing up, her voice breaking while trying to find words as this brutal act of oppression is taking place
Men all around are trying to hide their erections
As I’m handing her the books, she finally finds the strength to utter “thank you”
With patriarchal fire burning in my eyes, I say “it was a privilege”

At home, watching TV
Dinner plans at 8pm
Gf in the bathroom
Taking aeons to put on makeup
Hear blood curdling scream
Walk to the bathroom to investigate
Gf standing on toilet, clutching her tits and crotch both
Casually remove my shoe
Gf’s lip starts to quiver, tears form in her eyes
Hunt for spider with a smile as gf hangs her head low
Find spider and smote it with the summoned power of almighty Thor
Penis explodes from my pants and begins slapping against my stomach, like the rhythm of ancient warrior tribal drums of long forgotten ancestral ghosts
Men across creation freeze instantly and slowly bow their heads in respectful remembrance
Their penis’, like the ever defiant fist, raise skyward in the sun’s golden rays
Gf becomes weak in the knees and sobbing uncontrollably, physically trembling
Grab her weak, fragile hand and guide her down
Pull her close and embrace her, for her very essence had been shaken at the sight of my fearless rescue
I brush the hair from her face, wipe the tear from her cheek
Slowly speak into her ear the very words that have toppled nations
“It was my privilege”

Walking down the street to the coffee shop
Sees a strong, independent womyn approaching as I get to the door
To her utter horror, I open the door for her and step aside, letting her in
She starts sobbing uncontrollably while my tyrannical penis swells
The patriarchy starts whooping in approval while the other strong independent womyn burst into tears from all the oppression
She walks in the door and stammers out, "Th-thank you"
"Oh don't thank me," I answer, grinning devilishly, "it was my privilege."

Having fun at a bar with my usual oppressive compatriots
Notice a guy hitting on a strong, free woman
Her independence will not give in his poor displays
Other women watch and nod in approval of the lesson of individual strength she is giving him
He doesn’t get the ticket and keeps trying to the very point where she is mildly annoyed
I stand up with the fury of a thousand feral beasts and everything stops, the people stop dancing, the music is turned off and everyone is looking with awe at about what is about to take place
She tries to persist the kind of oppression I am unfolding right here, right now
I walk right towards them with my thunderous erection unbuttoning my shirt, buttons flying across
At this point every man in the bar is pitching a tent and accordingly getting rid of his upper garment
The women look in terrifying horror, screaming and shrieking
I reach the desperate, tormented soul that is experiencing the zenith of chauvinistic power and ask her “Is this man bothering you?
The oppression she is taking makes it impossible for her to reply for what feels like centuries of patriarchal breeding
“Y..Yes.. yes he is” is all she is able to produce
I gently ask the man to leave her alone, as he joins the shirtless dancing to the ancient battlesongs of our forefathers with every other man present
With absolute desperation, behind the waterfalls of tears she only says “Thanks”
I lean toward her with a proud, dominant smile and tell her “It was my privilege”

Be a refuse collector
Working in an oppressively male dominated job makes women sob just at the thought of it
Collecting bins down one street, when I see a woman leaving her house, rubbish bags in hand
As I approach her I can see she is visibly shaken
My penis swells with each step towards her, at the thought of the oppression that is about to take place
As I reach her I hold out my arm and say
“Let me take them for you, Ma’am”
My all male chauvinistic colleagues cheer at the dominance I assert over this women
All our penises have now swollen to the size of baseballs bats, reminiscent of an orgy scene
Just as I turn to return to my job in a sexist organization that refuses to let women join, I lean in and whisper the words
“It was my privilege”

Go on a date with girl
Take her to nice restaurant
She orders a shrimp cocktail and several drinks
Ask for the check
The waiter places the check in front of me, not in front of her, not in the middle of the table
Look of horror comes across the girl’s face
I reach for the check and place my credit card inside
She begins to tremble
Tears well up in her eyes
I can tell she is paralyzed by fear at the oppression she is experiencing
I chauvinistically place the check with the my credit card on the table in front of me, daring her to do something about it
The power of my oppression of this woman surges through my body as I lean back in my seat and stare directly at her
She is shaking with fright, the oppression strangling her voice away
The waiter returns to take the check away
All is lost to her now
Men at other tables begin to stand up and clap
Women all over the restaurant begin to shriek and cry
I feel my erect penis lift the tablecloth in front of me
I ask my date, “Did you enjoy your dinner?”
“Y-yes… thank you”, she says behind a mask of tears
I lean forward, a devious, patriarchical smile spreading across my face
And I tell her, “It was my privilege.”

Walking down the street to the coffee shop
Sees a strong, independent womyn approaching as I get to the door
To her utter horror, I open the door for her and step aside, letting her in
She starts sobbing uncontrollably while my tyrannical penis swells
The patriarchy starts whooping in approval while the other strong independent womyn burst into tears from all the oppression
She walks in the door and stammers out, “Th-thank you….”
“Oh don’t thank me,” I answer, grinning devilishly, “…it was my privilege.”

Doing some grocery shopping
Walk through the store, notice a small woman stacking the shelves, farther down my aisle
As I come near she falls from her stair as she tries to put something heavy on the top shelf, the goods going to the floor
She notices me and shrinks back slightly before being paralyzed with fear
Her eyes widen as I come closer, pupils shrinking as I reach for the goods
Her lip trembles as I pick up the box and put it on the top shelf, no stair required
I reach my hand out to help her up, and tears well up in her eyes
“T-thank y-you”, she says, as she takes my hand and gently pull her to her feet
Men are grinning at me, someone starts the slow clap, as all the other women look at her with scorn and pity at the same time
I bare my teeth in a mischievous grin, and she begins to sob softly
I continue my shopping under raucous applause
“It was… my privilege.”

>2013, winter solstice time
>in bathroom stall in mall
>suddenly over the intercom
>I cringe as I think about how I've coasted along in a profoundly oppressive society
>how I've been responsible for destroying tranny civilization and culture just like my ancestors were responsible for destroying native americans
>Transgendered CIS Privelege Sensitivity Monitor enters Mens Room
>Makes his/her way to my stall and knocks
>"Your privelege is being checked, sir. You will be escorted into the womens bathroom immediately."
>am mid-shit
>"I am opening the door to address your Cis privelege"
>She kicks the stall door
>it flies open
>log of feces stuck halfway out
>he/she grabs my collar and yanks me off toilet
>fear reaction closes my sphincter and halves the poo
> half falls onto edge of bowl, the other (dry) part is jutting from my ass
>he/she pulls me into Womens restroom
>makes me stand in their line
>pants around ankles
>shit oozing out of my ass
>eventually falls into my pants
>monitor ordered me to wash at the sink because i no longer needed to use a toilet
>Privelege checked

>be straight, white man
>hear a siren
>oh shit its the dick muh-bile
>van approaches
>four youths wearing sideways caps and frilly tutus get out of the car and approach me
>The tallest man exclaims "LEMME SEE U DIK MUHFUGGA"
>Being the priveleged cis-gendered white male I am, I oblige this oppressed youth by removing my pants and undergarmenys
>The youth removes his skirt, revealing his dark jungle dick
>Feeling it is my duty, I oblige the youth
>He enters my rectum and begins pounding me until I slowly lose consciousness and die from internal bleeding
>Well, at least I'm not an evil white-loving nazi

>At campus bookstore getting mandatory course materials
>Sissification and Bottom Identities Across Cultures
>Sashaying and Submission in Western Civilization
>Class and Lab
>Scanning at checkout
>Alarm goes off
>Goes off for 10 minutes
>Eventually a portly negress shuffles her way to me
>She intoned proudly through the rich layers of fat and skin crowning her neck
>"Das a used book for duh unprivlujed! Yoo gitn full price!"
>Another plushy negress agrees
>"mmmhmm dat boy need to put dat back"
>Publicly checked

>at grocery store
>buying federally mandated ration of cottage cheese, tofu and other non-oppressive sources of nutrition
>wait in the progressive stack
>women and minorities finally finished
>patriarchies turn to pay for their groceries.
>Trans-gendered checker beeps my estrogen patches
>S/he beeps my federally mandated butt-plugs
>"only on size 5 i see"
>purses his/her lips in disapproval
>hope s/he doesn't realize what my razor blades mean
>start sweating
>"razor blades, hummm?" s/he intones nasally
>th-th-ey're for my girlfriend i stammer quickly
> s/he peers closely at my face
>she slaps the privilege button
>privilege siren starts blaring
>a cage descends from the ceiling
>the privileged Cadillac bursts through the store's front windows
>5 negros surround me
>I stammer that I ran out of estrogen
>look into his flat black eyes
>realize he can't understand English.
>try to speak it in Ebonics
>They tear off my pants
>a shock prod is inserted into my anus as another black checks my glans
>gasps all around
>the cashier sprays me with pepper spray
>everyone starts beating the shit out of me
>get sent to forcible gender reassignment
>privilege checked.

>first day of college
>walk into Trans-Math 101
>seats all have dildos permanently attached
>say to teacher "excuse me sir, are there normal seats?"
>teacher flips his shit
>screams that he's a woman
>bellows "WOULD A MAN HAVE THESE?" at the top of his lungs
>tears open his shirt
>a fetid aroma rolls forth
>ghastly melly tier moobs
>multiple piercings through each 3 inch nipple
>can't look, but can't look away either
>entire class begins applauding
>student stands up and yells "mic check"
>entire class yells "MIC CHECK!"
>"I propose"
>"we check"
>"this cissies"
>class doesn't bother responding
>as one, they surge out of their seats screaming
>grab me
>begin beating me in the stomach with a bowling pin
>entire class takes turns raping my asshole
>they're chanting "SHAME" the whole time
>get charged with privilege and kicked out of school
>privilege checked

>Be trans strong black womyn who dont need no man
>Walkin' aroun seein' all dem oppressive whities
>Shouting out DEM DUMB RACIS DAWG in da streetz
>Sudenly a filthly white gets clos to muh dick
>Whitety says sumthin in his racis languag
>Whity rapeist struggles
>Takes dat small dic white boi's pants off
>Sees penis
>Rapes whity cis male
>White boi got his privalage checked yo!

>Avoid going outside to prevent offending people with my cis-privilege
>Start playing online multiplayer video games
>Only politically correct games may be played on politically correct computers manufactured by government-owned facilities
>All characters are non-white and sexually ambiguous
>Games cannot begin until there is a sufficient amount of diversity on the server
>Loading screens have reminders to check your privilege as tips
>The amount of privilege you have determines what effects you have, with low-privileged people getting bonuses and high-privileged people getting penalties
>As a white male, I do almost no damage and my controls randomly cut out, but it's ok, I put up a bit of a fight in order to make things entertaining for oppressed opponents
>Accidentally kill a black transgendered furry pedophile who was very low on health
>Sirens with lights on top of my monitor go off along with pepper spray being shot in my eyes
>Game demands that I remain seated until the Privilege Police arrive to administer justice
>what have I done?

>2016, September: the month of the oppressed manwomenchildren
>is in the hardware store
>browsing inventory
>weiring pink shirt with golden letters saying "slut" and skin tight jeans
>female negroid officers comes to me
>"hi misses officer what a fine day it/her/she is"
>"this is a privilege checkup you have the right to be not privileged"
>"Take of yur clothes"
>strips off clothes
>officer checks my anus
>but plug detected, all is fine
>officer takes my phone and checks my twitter activity
>twittered 5 times during the last hour that none CIS shouldn't be oppressed, all was good
>checks nipples
>no nipple piercing found
>"y u aint weiring no piercing?"
>"u-um I forgot..."
>"u always supposed to weir ur nippierce so you must come wit me"
>goes to bathroom
>sit down
>smacks my ass raw with a police baton, about a hundred times
>tasers my nuts
>"take that priveluj"
>several people defecate on me
>must wash myself with water from a toilet
>put clothes on
>couldn't buy stuff because shop owner was out getting castrated.
>Privilege checked

>Take my son to his first day of school
>Hug him and then take the time to ask his teacher a little about the school
>She informs me that the school is gender neutral
>I don't think too much about it and head towards work
>First class, teacher asks the children what gender they are
>Everyone writes down their real gender
>Teacher looks at them in disappointment and asks them to choose the gender they would most like
>Some of the children, including my son, picks the opposite gender for fun
>Teacher looks pleased
>The gender neutralizing bureau, GNB, storms in
>They strap down all the children that picked the opposite gender and begins the conversion with sterilization and sex organ transplant
>7 hours later, I come and pick up my son
>He runs to me while crying
>Teacher smiles and says "She did good"
>I ask "What happened to him?"
>Suddenly the CIS PRIVILEGE ALARM goes off
>Armed forced beats me to the ground and sterilize me
>While in the CIS court a few hours later, I get sentenced to community work at a trans-only college
>My son gets taken from me and adopted by a trans family.
>Privilege checked.

>be a normal young white man who goes to church each sunday, plays baseball and obeys his parents
>go to college for a higher education
>the halls are long, winding and narrow, made of cobblestone and filled with dust and filth, the walls are all lined with gruesome depictions of white men being horribly murdered
>go into the dean's office to discuss my application
>he is a 10 foot tall Jew with featureless, blood red eyes, spiky dagger-like teeth and a snake-like tongue
>"Why hello my good sir, I would like to apply to this institution of learning" I say
>"B-b-but I didn't do anyth-"
>I turn around and run, eventually lose him in the winding hallways
>walking along as I look back behind me
>accidentally bump into a young lady's shoulder
>"Oh my, I'm so sorry!"
>I am chased yet again through the winding corridors of this hellish hellscape by a mob of feminazis
>I make finally make it out onto the campus, but they unleash a pack of crack-addled niggers to rape me and tear me apart limb from limb
>I manage to climb up over the fence and escape just in time

>attending a philosophy course
>discussing how to further punish the CIS for being normal
>accidently mention equality
>S.W.A.T. with pony decal and "slut" written in rainbow glitter storm in
>clothes ripped off like in girls gone
>notice my mandated butt plug is half a size to small
>Jamal exerts punishment in a form of a penile insertion in the anus and power fisting afterwards as a cool down
>X-Large butt plug arrives and is forcefully jammed without lube
>another victory for the common thing
>Privilege Checked.

>Walking past the boarded up grocery store that was closed after the SCOTUS deemed nutrition a human right
>Surveillance cameras at each intersection ensure that I am wearing my federally mandated skin tight obama shirt, mini-skirt and high heels
>Large muscular FtM african-american police officer stops me
>Asks me where I'm going
>In a shrill, girly voice I answer, "T... to the feeding center"
>He informs me that it's time for a random stop and frisk
>Have my anus fingered through my miniskirt for several minutes, all the while staring the officer in the eye so he can ensure I am enjoying it
>Continue to the feeding center
>Phallic black feeding tubes hang from the ceiling
>I put my lips around them to activate the ejection of the pasty white liquid that the Dept of Health and Nutrition says is optimal for our well being
>A group single CIS privilage officer rushes over to my feeding stall and forces my head down on the feeding tube
>Deep throating and gagging on feeding tube while being tazed
>"Yah, take dat u fukin slut, all the way down. Sissy needs her nutrients"
>Privilege checked.

>be 20 in college
>My genderfluid roommate spots my CIS porn
>Try to tell xier its only ironic
>"Isn't this hilarious? Theyre like animals!"
>"You think rape is funny, anon?"
>Head CIS Disciplinarian Reverend Onyx Williams is summoned to our dorm
>Comes with police escort
>Here them walking to my door, buzz them in
>"Dem CISll stop at nuffin t' brutaLYZE muh peeple"
>Enter Reverend Onyx Williams
>Biege suit, matching stripes on pants and jacket
>Police confiscate computer, phone and patriarchal paraphernelia
>"You want us to arrest him, Reverend?"
>The Reverend stares blankly for a few moments then as if bolting out of a stupor he gasps,
>as if bracing from epiphany
>Officers look at eachother puzzled as they holster their drilldos and fuck-saws
>The Reverends mouth lights up in a cartoonishly Cheshire smile
>His pants drop to the ground
>Expecting muh dick
>Instead see fearsome torsional labia
>like two northern pikes stitched where his balls were
>"I-I didn't know you were female, er woman, I mean..."
>Privilege adjusted welfare favors those transitioning gender
>Reverend throws me to the ground, cackling as if he was with tribe at a mall matinee
>"Yoo checked naw!"
>Slathering nether-maw lowers its stringy slime onto my face
>MFW The Reverend's labia and inner vagina were rebuilt from his hamstring muscles
>MFW The Reverend ran track in college
>MFW The Reverend's muscled labia broke my CIS nose
>Privilege checked, no more CIS porn for me!

>CIS Privilege on wanton display at wakes and funerals
>Glorifying prior dark age ideas of Patriarchy, Rape and Theft of natural resources that belong to indigenous peoples
>Progressive utopias are interrupted by sudden appearances of CIS hetero couples in mourning
>Children conceived via serial rape publicly displayed and boasted about
>Local pansexual playthings coordinate with bronies, prostitutes and sexual offenders on 4-year fast track program to expunge their records
>Uniting across pony breeds, cartoon eroticas and various gargantuan digital databases of pornography
>Setup outside funeral home
>A glorious Patriotic wall of leather, bared asses, male feet in womens shoes, cocks of every flaccidity and scale
>Nudist landwhales, living radically sans-cartilage
>Pencil necked geeks nude except for random meme tshirts
>Bearded men in tight-fitting sequins, ungracefully mimicking feminine gestures
>Runaways and homeless flock to the cause
>Some of them rambling and pacing, occasionally veering out into traffic
>No cheers or chants could be mustered, for their sense of duty and sacrifice had heightened their lust
>Motorists are heartened to see the Spirit of a CIS Free Society still lives. Why arent you demanding a CIS free society? What have you done to make us CIS free?

>Raping a girl, again..
>cis gonna cis
>Her vagina terrifies me
>The pregnancies that swirl around in it
>A cauldron of blood, feces, placental debris
>HR Giger bio-factories of hormones to seed municipal water supplies
>Her circular logic and feeling and free association threaten my linear phallus mentality
>And so I must rape
>This time its an ex-gf
>She took a shortcut into a side-stairwell
>Which is like cheating
>Which is pretty cis of her
>Raping her Apartment building
>My excessive and extraordinary Cornel West-gobsmacking privileges driving my lust for power, I threw her down on the ground and she crumpled like the coy little cum dumpster I knew she was
>I produced my semi average penis
>Obviously the source of my malignance towards society
>But cis gotta cis, so in I plunged
>But my dick struck something
>A taint
>I removed my bluetooth headset stunned
>It was then I noticed her whimpers were deep
>Then I spotted on her thigh
>An Obama patch
>One of the highly controlled testosterone patches
>"Jenny your..."
>"Muh dick" she murmured sweetly
>Before I flipped her over and raped her in her ass instead
>Privilege status: never going to be checked!

And the most epic one for last:

>>Anchorage Alaska
>>Be on patrol for CisForces of The Unisex States of Americuntica
>>Two Pink armored vehicles on the horizon
>>Sound the alarm
>>Comrades line up against the concrete outpost as my wife leads the women and children inside the bunker
>>Colonel Davis gives his speach
>>This is our last stand men, and I say MEN! Not Cis-SCUM! Not Priviledged White boys! You are MEN, and you will die as MEN!
>>We all cheer valiantly
>>Colonel turns around and suddenly a burst of gore splashes my face
>>Everyone gasps at the image of the Colonel, his chest impaled with a 3 foot long dragon dildo
>>Colonel stutters as semen pours out of his mouth
>>He falls backward and thuds on the ground
>>Next in command is me
>>I muster enough courage to jump over the wall, AR-15 in hand I charge the front lines
>>my men follow me, ready to die for their Privilege
>>2 large pink modified Abrams tanks continue to fire massive dildos at our forces, we lose 3 good men before reaching the abandoned Pac-Sun building
>>I ask PFC Quentin, a brave young chap to act as my observer while I mount the Sniper Rifle on the rooftop
>>5 massive, genetically altered, multiracial and transexual mutants are carrying what appears to be machine guns in both hands.
>>The recoil from these guns would blow off the arms of normal men
>>I fire a shot at one of these mutants and his head asplodes like a grapefruit
>>PFC Quentin lets out a small chuckle
>>"We've got another one sir, 500 meters"
>>I take aim once again and nail the monster in the chest
>>his freakish skin absorbs the bullet and heals immediately, leaving a large hole in his chest
>>From what I could tell, the monster pulled out a small dildo, and penetrated the hole that the bullet left behind, a truly horrifying sight
>>PFC Quentin is getting nervous, he tries to readjust his scope, but a razor dildo narrowly misses his head, he is only 17 years old
>>we're losing men, and the ones left alive are reaching for their bibles
>>suddenly, a radio transmission comes in
>>"Czy sa jakies ocaleni?"
>>I fumble for the radio with my jizz covered hands
>>"Yes yes! We are hear, can you help us?
>>Response: "Ahh yez we can come, with pride my friends!"
>>Backup has finally arrived
>>A fleet of B-52's BRRRR's over the horrizon
>> a series of Clusterfuck Bombs is relesed over the horizon, followed by a hailstorm of bullets
>>the Transexual monsters try to boost morale, but to no aid
>>As the flaming bohemoths walk out of the carnage, they fall to the ground, still chanting until the last breath
>>Our men are finally escorted overseas, our families have survived and our children will remain un-mutilated
>>Poland has saved the day

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