Lunes, Mayo 28, 2012

Miscellanea #7 - Pedobear

Miscellanea #6 - Something about Trolls and Cartoons. Oh and L4D

Miscellanea #5 - Jesus interacts with mortals

At last! A work that is non-derivative and not made by me, but rather a collection of images that pertain to a meme.

Miscellanea #4 - Badass Abe

Good old honest Lincoln.

Miscellanea #3 - Aztec Horror, a Symbol and an Eye

The last one is the Holder's eye on

Miscellanea #2 - A Hoop and some Books

From some old paintings of Albrecht Durer, namely Melancholia I and the Revelation of St. John.

Miscellanea # 1 - Roses

Taken from deconstruction-themed art.