Lunes, Hulyo 09, 2012

Stanning Nonsense

My greatest achievement

Illegal Mexicans

The Mechanic

I have this movie on this computer and I'm surprised with how much I like it.


My Dream in Life

This is Offensive

Obama is unamused by your shenanigans

Queens of Pop

Jesus-related Images

Ed, Edd n Eddy screencap #1

I wish I could find somebody to photoshop this so that they'd be kissing EACH OTHER instead.

Ironically, though.

DC Comics, What...?


More alignment posters

Lunes, Hulyo 02, 2012

So, I heard there was going to be a Big Lebowski 2...

A set of calling cards

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Pedobear Wallpaper!!!

Made by Truncheon.

Regarding that sound birds make cheerfully

Why I'll never make one.

Some nobody shading Madonna.

GOD, these two. I can't.

Finally, a SOMEBODY shading Grandmadonna.

Mariah Carey Stanning Post (and you will deal)

Legs of a goddess TBH
My queen looks flawfree at every damn angle.
Sovereign ruler of Christmas.
Seriously, your fave ho can't match the beauty of her legs.

The Good Guys

I ADORED this show-Hanks and Whitford were an awesome homage-to-Starsky-and-Hutch duo. Shame Fox cancelled this.
And I made an alignment chart in its honor.