Lunes, Agosto 26, 2013

I know of the actor Peter Capaldi only marginally....

..but if he makes tumblr Doctor Who fangirls cry, then I love him already.

This was meant for you.

This is the face your professor makes when he stumbles upon further examples of your naivete.

Pope Peter

LOOK at this suave motherfucker.
AND NOW...for the .gifs.

"Fucking fuck me."
lol, I didn't need to caption this one

Lookin' pretty sharp in that uniform, chief.

I hope this is how the new Doctor is like. Not that I've actually watched the show or whatever.

Martes, Agosto 06, 2013

Five random .gifs (6)

This guy is so retro.

I loved Man of Steel; I didn't really know what people expected of it.

The white aryan hero /pol/ craves.

OK I lied. This isn't a .gif.