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TRIGGER WARNING: This post has the kind of racism, transphobia, sexism, misogyny and all-around shitlordiness that only a tumblrite could be personally offended by. (TW: TW: TW)


One kind where oppressive EVILMEN literally raep womyns (strong and independent ones) and another kind where the tables turn on the cis men and they get their privileges checked by proud and beautiful transfolk.

Have you contributed to the patriarchy today? I have:

>In the city on business
>About to enter building when a woman walks up behind me
>A grin spreads across my face as I step back and hold on the door open for her
>She looks to the doorway and then to me
>I see her tremble as tears begin to form in her eyes
>"Ladies first"
>She is visibly shaken, tears running down her face, as she walks through the doorway
>The power I feel as I oppress a female courses through my veins
>My penis thrashes inside my trousers
>Nearby men all start applauding and grabbing their crotches in a sexual manner while biting their lips and drooling at the sight of the oppressed woman
>As she walks by I whisper "it was a privilege"


More below.

 >At the beach
>Sexy 9/10 woman walks by wearing bikini.
>I leer at her breasts and ass as she notices my admiring gaze.
>She looks at her own body scarcely covered by the gstring bikini, her eyes begin to mist over.
>I say "Would you like me to apply sunscreen on your back"
>She is shaken, her nipples hardening at the though of my alphaness approaching her.
>I feel power coursing through my veins as she surrenders to my manly charms.
>I howl in triumph as the white sticky fluid sprays over her back, and snort as I smear it in.
>She thanks me.
>"It was a privilege"

>Traveling on a crowded bus into the city
>I am sitting on the outside seat as a lone woman approaches
>She moves to stand next to my seat, proud of her independence and capability
>A devious smile crosses my masculine face as I begin to stand for her
>A horrified expression darkens her feminine features as she realizes what is taking place
Tears begin to form, her face trembles, all pride is being wiped from that once confident expression
>I gesture for her to take my seat, my erection clearly visible to all and her powerlessness becoming more prominent
>She takes the seat, thanking my mournfully with tears of impotent rage undisguised
>The other standing men begin to grunt and beat their chests, the women stare sadly at their feet, wishing they were anywhere but on that bus
>I lean into the young lady and whisper softly
>"it was my privilege".

>Go on a date with girl
>Take her to nice restaurant
>She orders a shrimp cocktail and several drinks
>Ask for the check
>The waiter places the check in front of me, not in front of her, not in the middle of the table
>Look of horror comes across the girl's face
>I reach for the check and place my credit card inside
>She begins to tremble
>Tears well up in her eyes
>I can tell she is paralyzed by fear at the oppression she is experiencing
>I chauvinistically place the check with the my credit card on the table in front of me, daring her to do something about it
>The power of my oppression of this woman surges through my body as I lean back in my seat and stare directly at her
>She is shaking with fright, the oppression strangling her voice away
>The waiter returns to take the check away
>All is lost to her now
>Men at other tables begin to stand up and clap
>Women all over the restaurant begin to shriek and cry
>I feel my erect penis lift the tablecloth in front of me
>I ask my date, "Did you enjoy your dinner?"
>"Y-yes... thank you", she says behind a mask of tears
>I lean forward, a devious, patriarchical smile spreading across my face
>And I tell her, "It was my privilege."

>in a library
>a woman walks by with a towering pile of books in her arms
>towers being phallic in nature, it's obviously a provocation
>at this point I'm burning with the desire to oppress her
>suddenly she trips and drops most of the books
>I quickly respond and start picking them up in a pretend attempt to aid her
>deadly silence descends as this is taking place, all eyes are on us
>my cock hardens with every book I pick up with my capable hands
>she's shuddering, eyes tearing up, her voice breaking while trying to find words as this brutal act of oppression is taking place
>men all around are trying to hide their erections
>as I'm handing her the books, she finally finds the strength to utter "thank you"
>with patriarchal fire burning in my eyes, I say "it was a privilege"

>Standing in line for the queue of taxis, I notice a middle-aged woman rushing up desperately to the end of the queue
>With a feeling of utter contempt consuming me, I choose to stop her as she proceeds to the end of this long line
>She trembles, a mixture of fear and impotent rage begins to envelop her as the horrid realization of what is taking place washes over her
>The feel of control and power lifts up my patriarchal spirit, my penis engorging at the thought of this situation
>With one hand I open the door of the taxi waiting to take me to my destination, while the other hand ushers her inside
>Humiliated, wretched and debased, she can think of no way to combat the dominance taking place
>The women present sob and look away, the men smile on arrogantly, knowing the delicious feeling of power and contempt vicariously
>She utters "thank-you" in a miserable monotone, stepping, defeated, inside the waiting taxi
>As I shut the door, my erection brushes against her arm eliciting a shudder and a widening of her sad, now horrified, eyes
>I lean in closer, whispering only to her
>"It was my privilege".

>On a deserted highway
>Driving to a Brony, erh, I mean SPORTS convention
>See a vehicle up ahead pulled over to the side of the road with a flat tire
>Outside the vehicle is a college age female furiously trying to open the trunk of her prius
>I pull over and her attention immediately falls upon me
>She stands up taller and yells "Thats okay, Ive got it! Thank you though!"
>I ignore her and step out of my old pick up
>I walk straight over to the car pop the trunk and take out the spare tire in one hand and the tools in the other
>"I just. I. No cell phone coverage...I can do this?" She says with her last shred of independence while pushing her lime green sundress down from the desert wind pushing it up.
>"Here, this is how you change a tire." I say as I guide her small soft hand around the tire iron.
>I can feel her tremble and catch her gazing at my large sweating biceps coming out of my t-shirt.
>"Let me show you." I whisper in her ear as I grunt and rotate our arms as one loosening the lugs.
>She feels my massive uncircumcised member swell with force through my jeans, stabbing into her back as I guide her hands to mount the tire.
>Tears are now freely flowing from behind her jackie-o sunglasses as she extends her supple hand in gratitude.
>I take it in my grimy grip and lean into her and say "It was my privilege, ma'am."
>Walk back to my truck as she stands there shaking.
>Open the door
>Get on the floor

>be on ship
>everyone enjoying their co-sexual activities
>all of a sudden, the ship starts sinking
>Make it to one of the lifeboat's first
>Behind me, I see a woman frantically running towards the life boat, completely oblivious to what is in front of her
>She comes within 2 feet of me and stops
>I stare at her, my lips spreading cheek to cheek
>Looking into her eyes, I see her pupils widen
>Her lip trembles as she tries to choke out a word behind the tears she's fighting back
>"N-no, please"
>My dick could not be any harder
>"You go, I'll stay behind"
>The floodgates have been released
>She starts crying and screaming as she walks on to the boat with her child, but not the father
>My dick hardens from the dominance I exhibited
>Hear similar sounds from other lifeboats
>As her lifeboat,and the other lifeboats exclusively filled with women drop into the water, the remaining men shout in unison "It was my privilege"
>All the men left then simultaneously orgasmed at their masculine actions, unloading metric tons of semen on to the boat
>Every single one of them oppressively drowned that day, though the boat never went under.

>Walk into subway
>Lady behind the counter.
>I order a sandwich
>As she puts the meat on the bread I look at her and we lock eyes.
>She can see herself in the reflection of the windows, making me a sandwich.
>Slowly it begins to dawn on her what is happening, but it is far too late to stop it.
>Men in the restaurant begin to stare at her. Pinching their nipples, making rude gestures and howling like beasts.
>She realizes she made all of them sandwiches too.
>Tears burn in her eyes as she hands me the sub, so distraught that she forgets to make me pay.
>Can literally taste her shame
>My dick explodes.
>As I bleed out, I take a bite of the sandwich and mutter. "it was a privilege"

>In an elevator at a shopping complex
>Crowded and uncomfortable
>A young lady is standing next to me, looking noticeably rushed
>As the door opens to the floor where we are all getting off, I gesture for her to leave first
>A hush descends upon the lift
>She appears simultaneously furious and ashamed
>My smile widens, my erection becomes visible and my body language grows bolder as I say to her
>"Ladies first"
>The men in the lift, even the young boy, all smile and lick their lips in anticipation of my conquest
>She shudders, disgusted by what is taking place, there is no way for her now to recover that dignity that she once cherished
>She begins to step out of the door, the other women looking on solemnly, knowing the defeat and shame that she feels
>She turns to me momentarily, all pride and gumption washed from her features, tears welling up in her eyes she mutters "thank you..."
>I smile wider, my erection almost bursting through my trousers and her unable to take her eyes off my widening girth, I say
>"It was my privilege".

>Ice skating at the rink
>Notice a young, black, lesbian couple skating together
>They slip up and fall on the ground
>As they laugh and use their strong female powers and independence to get up off the floor I race towards them
>They stop, faces frozen colder then the ice on the ground.
>"You ladies need a hand?" I say in a suave manner. My heart begins to race and penis becomes erect.
>The other womyn in the rink all stop, shocked at the oppression that is being displayed. The men begin to furiously masturbate.
>"N-N-No than-"
>Help them up anyway. Tears begin to roll down their eyes. All the womyn begin to fall to the ground. Men start pounding their chests grunting furiously.
>A brave independent Woman can only take so much brutal oppression
>Black couple begins screaming in fear, tears rolling down their faces onto the ice.
>All the men start screaming with pleasure and begin to beat the Women in the rink.
>"WOOOOOAARRHHHHHH" THEY SCREAM POUNDING THEIR CHESTS! The male bloodlust turns into regular lust and they begin to rape the poor, defenceless women.
>"It was a privilege" I whisper into their ears.

>Be on my way home at 3am through bad part of town
>Hear screaming and what sounds like a scuffle
>turn around corner and see 3 bull dykes pushing around a woman
>not sure if I should intervene, until i hear the dykes start joking about raping
>hear clothes tearing
>Start top run toward them, yelling out "hey what are you doing"
>3 dykes turn and laugh "what are you going to do about it
>By this stage my cock is already halfway to erection because of my territorial outburst but these dykes have unleashed it
>start shaking trees and beating my chest and pissin on everything
>I advance towards the dykes with my rock hard cock out ejecting urine while I yell
>You're My Territory now!
>In sheet terror throw rubbih at me while screeching.
>I run at the biggest one, beating her with my fists and howling like a banshee
>She has been beaten and covered in my piss
>I take a alpha power stance while I watch them run off
>As i turn around, I see the weakened oppressed female look up through her teary eyes
>"You saved me? don't hurt me"
>I reply "I'm not going to hurt you, I just want to make sure you are ok"
>Her eyes widen in absolute fear and the patriachal control and dominance he has just witnessed
>She mumbles about being ok and that she didn't need my help.
>By this point Im holding my rock hard cock and thrusting it at her while making primal grunting noises
>I lean and and gently say to her with a slight smile
>"It was my privilege"

>Be on my way home at 3am through bad part of town
>Hear screaming and what sounds like a scuffle
>turn around corner and see 3 bull dykes pushing around a woman
>not sure if I should intervene, until i hear the dykes start joking about raping
>hear clothes tearing
>Start top run toward them, yelling out "hey what are you doing"
>3 dykes turn and laugh "what are you going to do about it
>By this stage my cock is already halfway to erection because of my territorial outburst but these dykes have unleashed it
>start shaking trees and beating my chest and pissing on everything
>I advance towards the dykes with my rock hard cock out ejecting urine while I yell
>You're My Territory now!
>In sheet terror throw rubbish at me while screeching.
>I run at the biggest one, beating her with my fists and howling like a banshee
>She has been beaten and covered in my piss
>I take a alpha power stance while I watch them run off
>As i turn around, I see the weakened oppressed female look up through her teary eyes
>"You saved me? don't hurt me"
>I reply "I'm not going to hurt you, I just want to make sure you are ok"
>Her eyes widen in absolute fear and the patriachy control and male dominance she has just witnessed
>She mumbles about being ok and that she didn't need my help.
>By this point Im holding my rock hard cock and thrusting it at her while making primal grunting noises
>I lean and and gently say to her with a slight smile
>"It was a privilege"

>This one time there was a woman, and she was holding a thing.
>A heavy thing, like a TV or something.
>I got a boner thinking of it.
>So I say "give me that. I carry that." She say "why?" and I say "It was patriachy"
>"Oh shit!" she say, and she knows that it is time. She gives it me, and she cry. Dumb whore. This will show. That's right bich, I carry. She know.
>So then we get her house.
>By now my boner is holding thing, such is the power.
>"I will pay you?" she say, but she know.
>"No." I say, as my words rape her "It was my privilege."

>Doing some grocery shopping
>Walk through the store, notice a small woman stacking the shelves, farther down my aisle
>As I come near she falls from her stair as she tries to put something heavy on the top shelf, the goods going to the floor
>She notices me and shrinks back slightly before being aralyzed with fear
>Her eyes widen as I come closer, pupils shrinking as I reach for the goods
>Her lip trembles as I pick up the box and put it on the top shelf, no stair required
>I reach my hand out to help her up, and tears well up in her eyes
>"T-thank y-you", she says, as she takes my hand and gently pull her to her feet
>Men are grinning at me, someone starts the slow clap, as all the other women look at her with scorn and pity at the same time
>I bare my teeth in a mischeveous grin, and she begins to sob softly
>"It was... my privilige."
>I continue my shopping under raucous applaus

>Doing some grocery shopping
>Walk through the store, notice a small woman stacking the shelves, farther down my aisle
>As I come near she falls from her stair as she tries to put something heavy on the top shelf, the goods going to the floor
>She notices me and shrinks back slightly before being aralyzed with fear
>Her eyes widen as I come closer, pupils shrinking as I reach for the goods
>Her lip trembles as I pick up the box and put it on the top shelf, no stair required
>I reach my hand out to help her up, and tears well up in her eyes
>"T-thank y-you", she says, as she takes my hand and gently pull her to her feet
>Men are grinning at me, someone starts the slow clap, as all the other women look at her with scorn and pity at the same time
>I bare my teeth in a mischeveous grin, and she begins to sob softly
>"It was... my privilige."

>be at work
>chilling at my desk, sending an inter-department email
>see female intern coworker struggling to get MS Word to print
>my patriarchal fire begins to burn as I understand she is another weakling female I can rend asunder with my manliness
>head over and say hello, need some help?
>the entire floor hushes as they understand whats going on
>the girl looks up at me, her eyes are red and bleary with hate and shame
>she nods, knowing my manliness is both superior and impossible to refuse
>I grad the mouse with my powerful hands, caressing it as though the scroll wheel were a clitoris
>she begins to sob
>I send the email
>my dick begins engorge as my patriarchal dominance has asserted itself
>the male coworkers begin to sacrifice small animals and consume them like wolves
>the women weep gently
>the girl thanks me with a meek bow as I head back to my desk
>"It was my privilege"

> Be lined up at the bank
> Several masked men enter
> Hold up ensues. Hostages taken.
> Negotiators arrive
> All the men in the bank leer suggestively
> Engorged penises visibly bulge under their trousers
> Women tremble, teary eyed, dreading the oppression to come
> "release the women and children as a sign of good faith" comes the call
> Men orgasm in unison, grunting in an animal like fashion
> Women file out the door in shame, heads bowed, crushed by the unwielding patriarchy
> As they are ushered to safety, the lead negotiator approaches them, manhood swollen ...
> "It was my privilige"

> Walking back home after a night of tending the bar.
> Soaked in masculinity.
> About to walk through a tunnel when a figure up ahead catches my eye.
> The tunnel is dark and sinister, not a place for a weak female being to be around.
> A grin spreads across my face as I identify the figure as a woman.
> She looks my way, frozen in place, eyes widened, anticipating my arrival.
> I lower my pass, my aura of oppression expands.
> As I continue in her direction she holds her gaze upon me and my aura is expanding accordingly.
> The moment arrives where we will occupy each others space.
> Trembling before me she stands.
> She tries to persist the overwhelming oppression I am unfolding.
> As a strong independent woman, she musters all her strength to endure this.
> grab my arm.
> "P..p..please." She says as she tightens her grip.
> Her nostrils widen, they are overwhelmed with the taste of my masculine presence.
> Bathing in the delight that is this moment a smug smile opens up on my face.
> "Please!" she shouts, summoning all her strength to endure my oppression.
> She gazes at me with her eyes, fightened, frozen, as a deer trapped in headlights.
> "Escort me through this tunnel." She continues.
> A group of wild guys up ahead.
> It all makes sense now.
> My smug smile expands into a laugh, baring my teeth with the fury of a thousand feral beasts.
> I lock my arm into hers.
> She accepts her inferiority and lays her head to rest on my arm.
> We start to walk through the tunnel.
> My heart starts to pick up pass as my dominance becomes clearer.
> We pass the group of wild beasts, they bow their heads in acceptance.
> My patriarchal heart is beating wildly in my chest.
> We exit the tunnel.
> Her head leaves the comfort of my arm.
> She realises she has endured the degradation of what just expired.
> Slowly she lets go of my arm.
> "Thank you." She says as she makes preparations to go her separate way.
> "It was my privilege."

>Be at a party
>Music is playing and everyone is having a good time
>I head over to the cooler to get a beer
>As I reach in my hand in to fish out a beer my hand grazes another
>Our hands pull out
>I look up and see a beautiful independent womyn
>I look back and see one beer left
>A devilish grin escapes my face
>"Oh, there is only one left. you can have it"
>The record screeches to a halt and the party goers are frozen in shock
>Her face begins to contort as her mind races through possible options finding nothing viable to help her
>She slowly reaches her hand back in as tears roll down her cheeks
>The men begin to grind up against the females they were dancing with even though they are still frozen
>My own cock begins to swell and throb as her hand disappears into the deepness of the cooler
>Her hand reemerges with the beer grasped in her shaking hand
>"T-t-thanks" she mutters as her words are drowned out by the sounds of orgasms across the rooms as men ejaculate against their dance partners
>The horror for her is almost over but my patriarchal hunger has not been satisfied yet
>I reach into my pocket and pull out a key chain equipped with a bottler opener
>"May I open that for you?"
>She begins to sob uncontrollably as I pop open her beer
>At this point my cock explodes from within the confines of my pants as all the male party goers who haven't already climaxed begin to do so
>All the females begin to vomit at the sign of such male oppression
>The room is being flooded with semen, vomit and tears
>As we prepare to drown I lean over to her and whisper "It was my privilege"

>Wife was cheating on me so we got a divorce
>Me, me laywers and her and her laywers all met up in a room
>Even before they sat down i smacked my fist on the table and yelled "ALIMONY"
>My wife was visibly shaken and tried to stutter "B..bu..t i c-can take care of myself"
>I refused to let her be independent and wouldn't utter one more word before she accepted
>As we all walk out of the room i whisper to her
>"It was a privilege"

>Be at sea
>The ship is sinking and everyone is panicking
>It soon occurs that there will not be enough space on the lifeboats for all
>Instantly many women clamour for the privilege of staying behind on the boat
>Smirking I cut across them "Women and children first"
>All the women suddenly fall silent, struck dumb as I impose my will upon them
>I feel my patriarchal ancestors rejoice
>My Y chromosome burns furiously inside of me
>The men left behind pop open champagne bottles, light cigars and cheer
>As the lifeboats leave we hoot and cat call at the women
>As the ship sinks beneath the waves I call out
>"It was a privilege"

>At a bar
>Feeling decently alpha when I see a young woman sitting alone finishing her drink
>I stride over with an open gait, coarsely emphasizing my package and raw masculine sexuality
>"Can I buy you a drink?" I ask with a leering smirk
>She looks shocked, then horrified. How could she have let her guard down like this?
>"I really should be going" she says in a quavering voice just above a whisper
>"No, I insist" I say staring her directly in the eyes with blood beginning to flow to my member
>She can't hold my gaze.
>Her will slowly breaks as she looks away.
>I get more and more aroused by her submission.
>My erection now crudely visible, she begins to stammer.
>As if somewhat hypnotized, she says "Ok. I'll have one."
>Suddenly, the spell is broken, and she gasps and throws her face in her hands to hide her shame at betraying womyn everywhere.
>She begins to sob.
>Men in the bar begin to shout ribald comments and touch themselves.
>Women shout "whore" and "slut" in a frenzy.
>The drink arrives.
>"Here, this will cheer you up," I say with a wink, sliding her the beverage
>It has those two straws women's drinks come with, phallic symbols that further her sense of degradation and humiliation.
>Meekly, she takes a sip.
>"Oh, it...was my privilege."

>Be at a restaurant
>see a strong independent womyn enter alone
>I have a sudden urge rise from deep in my loins to further the patriarchy
>I jump up and rush to a table before the womyn is seated
>I feel my manhood begin to throb from the act that was about to occur
>My member was noticeably engorged as I pulled out the chair for her
>she began to quiver and a stream of tears began to flow from her eyes
>all the men in the restaurant noticed and began to howl and masturbate furiously under the table
>her eyes widened to a terrified gaze as she realized the oppression that she was suffering
>The men jumped on the tables around the restaurant and formed a furious air humping army
>the womyn took the seat and looked up at me sobbing and quietly uttered "" before breaking down into a fit of tears
>as I leaned in close my member brushed her back making her wimper.
>I got close to her ear and whispered
>"It was my privilege"

>At the subway
>See a strong independent womyn walking to the platform without a purse
>She realizes she has no money to enter the platform
>I dawn my Ainsley grin, handing her 10 dollars for the entry
>Several women around me begin shaking uncontrollably, falling to the floor
>An artificially inseminated lesbian couple has been put into labor by my actions, a baby boy being born
>The woman I gave the money to says through choked sobs, “Th-Thanks”
>The entire female populations suddenly grows more uncomfortable and oppressed as I say “It was a privilege”

>on my way to my ex-wife’s house on the bus
>crying women sitting all around me
>get off at my stop in as chauvinistic a fashion as I can muster - I’d been practising
>walk several miles from the bus stop to her house, patriarchically greeting women I pass on the street with a sexist ‘Hello’
>finally reach my ex-wife’s front door
>strike the lavish, ornate knocker on the expensive door to her palatial mansion
>it takes her several minutes to make her way to the door - she must have been in her castration room, kitting sweaters out of foreskins
>she opens the door with glee
>the kind of glee that can only be achieved by a strong, independent womyn who has thoroughly crushed patriarchy under her non-gender-specifc, knee-high, high-heel boots
>her exstatic expression immediately dissipates when she sees that it’s me at the door
>she knows what I’m here for
>she bursts into tears and starts slashing at her wrist with her sharp fingernails in a mad, depressed panic
>the sight of her so visibly oppressed arouses me intensely
>my erect, throbbing, misogynistic penis threatens to tear the fabric of my jeans in twain
>I can tell it will take her several years of therapy to recover from this exchange, before it’s even complete
>I allow her a few moments to compose herself enough to choke out a few words: “Pl…please….you don’t have to do this…”
>As I’m handing her my alimony cheque I calmly respond:
>”Oh. It is my privilege”

> Go to the local bar to enjoy a drink
> See a womyn sitting by herself
> Order her a drink
>She looks in complete horror
>Her eyes swell up with tears
>The rest of the men in the bar whoop with privilege
>Womyn in bar sob silently
>I ask her if it’s the kind she drinks
>My penis is throbbing hitting the bar
>Y-Yes it is she chokes out
>I lean forward with I lean forward, a devious, patriarchical smile spreading across my face
>And I tell her, “It was my privilege.”

In school, studying in the library, sitting across from a strong independent femyle classmate.
I say a very sexist “Hello,” as I sit down. She gives me the finger, demonstrating her womynly power and her need for no male dominance.
She’s busy looking at her own notes, far too strong to care about anything other than womynhood and smashing the patriarchy and slitting its throat with its shattered remains. I’m busy reading dictionaries written by evil cishet white males and not enlightened trans POC who are enlightened because they are not evil cishet white males.
Meanwhile she frowns and starts scribbling in her notebook, realizing her pen is out of ink. She tries searching through her purse but can find no spare pens.
Realizing now was the perfect opportunity to put my evil plan into motion, I reach for my pocket and like an evil male snake I pull out a coincidentally phallic pen.
She looks up and realizes in horror what I’m doing. Her face turns pale and shivers, while trying to escape from the oncoming patriarchal oppression.
I offer the pen to her and maliciously say, “Here, take mine.”
The already silent library becomes even silentier.Everyone stares in disbelief at us. The men start cheering in approval of my sheer force of dominance over a femyle, while the womyn cry tears of internalized misogyny.
My abominable penis, engorged with evil cishetmale blood, nearly rips through my evil male-dominated-socially-mandated jeans.
She slowly takes the pen from my hand. Between tears, she whimpers, “Th-th-thank y-you…”
I grin devilishly. “Please, think nothing of it. After all… it was my privilege.”

>be 2013
>running errands in a city
>walking down sidewalk w groceries
>suddenly a siren
>not an air raid or terrorist attack or amber alert
>see DHS team speedily heading towards me
>set my groceries down on the ground and begin removing my clothing
>DHS team surrounds me
>a noble shirtless blackman
>a waddling pear shaped hassid
>"Yeah white boy open up dat priveluj"
>"Yes, you pale little roman goy! Prepare your anus!"
>fumbling with my belt
>it gets caught on my chastity cage
>Nigger cant decide if my chastity cage is a bad thing or bling
>Smiles a toothy grin and hiccups "MUH DICK!"
>finally nude
>verify my federally mandated "Obama" estrogen patches are in place
>"His privelege has been checked all along. He is not a threat to society"
>mfw DHS confiscated my groceries for my user fee

>in college with gf
>making out, moving to foreplay
>CIS Privelege drill
>Mandatory for whole dorm
>Police in hallway, separating men and women
>Women are given stipends from goy taxpayers and sent on a field trip to nearby historically black colleges
>Freshmen receive their first privelege check
>butt plugs and chastity belts are assigned according to race, build and demeanor
>Each floor's RA is replaced by a Historically Black College Student
>He will corral the CIS priveleged as they begin their introduction to college
>All freshmen will participate in transgender outreach project
>Goto transgender park and build bathrooms
>Include custom gilded grommets in stall walls
>Spend entire first semester building a maze of glory hole walls for transgendered
>School invites Historically Black Colleges to try out their Transgender park renovations
>Transgender community is satisfied for a moment
>Privelege is checked...for now

>walking down street in my Federal government approved Obama T-Shirt
>suddenly sirens
>CIS Privilege alert
>hands up
>get on the floor
>everyone walked the dinosaur

>going for a jog, making sure my 'So Sorry' shirt is clearly visible
>wearing an asexual-pride patch. I'm not really asexual but I can't get a girlfriend anyway so it gets me some oppression points
>meet cute girl who seems nice, we hit it off and she asks me out at a coffee shop.
>cisprivilege spills from my pockets as I accept her offer
>she suddenly blows a whistle, and a team of cis scum-eradicators forcibly holds me down and castrates me while everyone in Starbucks cheers
>sadly walk balls-less out of the store, tugging at my now completely accurate asexual-pride band

>after the culmination of the Colorado Massacre, Fast and Furious ordeal and the Olympic Terrorist attacks ISAT has been signed
>Hand over my Nugget to my districts peacekeeper
>Attend Barack Obama's inauguration
>He mentions MTV and Reddit
>Realize he is cool and hip with the young people
>Ask myself why I ever doubted him
>After all the NDAA is keeping me safe from terrorists!
>Go home
>Evening broadcast of MSNBC news is interrupted by a message from my new overlord Obama reminding me that personal freedom isn't necessary when we can rely on the feudal state
>Check my cis privilege for the third time that day (Breakfast lunch and before bed)
>Reflect on any social injustices I may have committed that day
>Sentence myself to a self-inflicted flogging
>Go to bed knowing that everything will work itself out

>enrolling for classes next semester
>see History of the Patriarchy
>'hmm might be interesting'
>first day of class
>huge auditorium, probably around 140 students
>all female
>all eyes are on me as I take a seat
>professor has her eyes locked on me
>clears her throat, asks if we've bought the required text book
>students all murmur yes, but everyone is still looking at me
>professor finally starts her lecture
>I reach into my bag for a pencil
>entire class is staring at me again with my hand in my backpack
>Cis Privilege Checking Squad breaks through the door
>Five multiracial MtF trans* people wearing field hockey uniforms
>point right at me
>I still have my hand in my backpack
>'I-I-I was just... getting my pencil...'
>entire class gasps, 15 to 20 girls faint
>tears start flowing
>'I'm sorry, I didn't know! I didn't understand!'
>next week
>taken in front of the Hall of Justice
>'For your crime of unchecked cis privilege and 141 counts of rape, you are condemned to four months Cis Reeducation Camp.'
>'Cis Reeducation Camp? That doesn't sound so bad'
>strapped into a chair, my eyes are forced open
>9 32' LCDTV screens arranged in a 3x3 grid
>each showing a trans* hashtag on tumblr
>forced to look at all of them 18 hours a day
I learned my lesson.
I keep my privilege checked.
I only wear fanny packs now.

>raising kids without privelege
>Donorschoose becomes 95% sexual reassignment surgeries for transgendered victims
>gradeschool classrooms (regardless of privelege) watch intrinsically webcammed transpeople transform themselves into beautiful new gender identities
>Dat CIS Privlege Checking job boom
>CIS Privelege Counselors
>CIS Privelege Neighborhood watch
>Jew lawyers and bankers

>Incoming college freshman
>First day of humanities class
>Walk into to auditorium
>200 women
>All feminists
> Professor is glaring at me
>Asks me if I believe in cis privilege and tells me to acknowledge Mia Ham as though most advanced athlete who ever existed
>I tell her "I judge each person as an individual. Their actions are the only thing that determine my opinion of them."
>She is visibly shaken
>At that moment lipstick falls out of her purse made from recycled materials
>she is exposed for what she really is
>a lipstick wearing slave to The Patriarchy
>A SEAL Team 6 Eagle flies in through a window shooting her in the chest
>That afternoon she is buried at see
>All the girls in the class join a sorority and endorse the free market and put on purity rings

>in a gay interracial threeway
>fucking a black guy in his ass while a Pakistani bloke is balls-deep inside me
>feel that unmistakable pressure in my taint
>I know I'm about to cum
>passion overtakes me
>suddenly everyone stops
>Pakistani looks at me with a queer look on his face
>'Mate what did you say?'
>'I... I mean, I was just...'
>black gent is curled in the fetal position, crying
>I don't understand what's going on
>'How could you say that? You know Jerome is very sensitive about being a transmale, transracial, homonormative'
>'I'm sorry, it's just the passion, Adil!'
>'Mate how could you say something so insensitive? Have you not checked your privilege today?'
>color drains from my face, a look of sheer terror
>I fumble for my satchel, pull out my Privilege Chequer
>I jam the needle into my fleshy butt cheek and here a beep followed by a series of buzzes
>I pull it out, look at the read out:
>look back at Moustafa and Jayquan
>both are on their knees, weeping
>'Go on then white man! You've gone this far!'
>Tyrone gives me his daughter and I tearfully start having sex with her, making sure to impregnate her so that her biracial children will feel alienated by blacks and whites
>meanwhile I'm bawling as I buy a kebab from Ahmed, not tipping him making sure that he is forced to live his life as a street vendor and nothing more
All these things, because I didn't check my privilege.

>my federally mandated bi-racial differently-gendered life mate is going to have a baby
>umbilical cord is cut
>sirens go off
>CIS Privilege Check!
>I hang my head in shame as, although my life-mate is artificially inseminated, I provided the sperm, and procreated, thereby exerting my privilege over society
>a team of differently-abled transgendered policepeople storm into the room
>I am ordered up against the wall, hands behind my back
>a buttplug is awkwardly inserted into my anus by a person of indiscriminate sex who has flippers instead of hands
>I am read my rights, specifically, I am told I have none
>societal retribution for my cis privilege
>I am injected with massive doses of estrogen and progesterone
>I weep as I grow tits
>I am instructed that it is my duty to feed my differently-aged newperson after it returns from gender reassignment with my new tits.
>thank you for reeducating me
>cis privilege checked

>go to a meeting of a new book club in town
>seems to be all hetero cis-couples
>this makes me uneasy
>they begin to discuss a manifesto which is a cis critique of the so-call "culture of trans* tyranny"
>this is treason
>I get up to leave and inform my local authorities
>flash grenade goes off, I'm blinded
>SWAT team bursts in the door and arrests all of us
>I was "in the wrong place at the wrong time"
>doesn't matter off to the Ministry of Cis-Privilege for 15 years mandatory sissification and hard labor worshipping surgically altered trans* genitalia

>>July 23, 2014
>>FOB Camp Fluttershizzle, Kerman Province Iran
>>4th year of serving as a USMC CisPolice officer
>>finally beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel in this shithole, as my active duty term comes to a close.
>>yesterday an old man asked for some humanitarian help
>>My translator (who is by the way a gay, arab, atheist friend of mine) tells me his home had been bombed by Hellfire Missiles, His evidence of this civilian casualtie is the glitter, which is dusted all over the man's beard
>>His family was shot up by Bronie Company, a division of Reservists and Military Contractors. Their feared insignia is the cartoon cloud with a multicolored rainbow representing their love of racial and sexual equality.
>>He wants a shovel to bury his 7 year old son
>>I tell him that the shovels are an element of sexual exploration and liberation which only officers may experiment with. The handles make good dragon dildo substitutes.
>>Old man tells me that I am a sick Jewish cum slave, in Farsi of course.
>>I raise my rifle to his forehead, as my pink laser shines between his eyes, I tell him to go fuck a goat, but to wear a lubricated condom to prevent the spread of AIDS
>>Old man tells me he was once a student of history, he remembers the time of the rise of Militarism in his own nation, and how he marched in the streets against the Shah of Iran.
>>I call over the translator and tell him he is LE FUNNY, COOL STORY BRAH LOLOLOLOL TROLLFACE.JPG
>>Shoot a 9mm bullet into his skull, engraved with a reddit robot symbol
>>I shoot the rest of my magazine into his face until I can see bits of bone starting to bubble up from the gray matter and coagulate
>>As the Translator leaves me with a glance of pride, my facade begins to unfold.
>>The lives I have taken in the names of LOLZ and shitty memes. Their faces hunt me in my dreams.
>>war was not what my father told me it was
>>As the sand blows upon my face, a single tear drips from my chin, and is absorbed into the thirsty earth

>wake up late for federally mandated transgender outreach 'charity' work
>go to the only remaining franchise in the USA: starbucks
>try to act casually as I walk past a line of MACs, their trans owners staring dumbly at ipad screens, busily uploading dear cis people images to tumblr
>pay for my coffee, added cis privilege fee and all
>a man in a wig bumps into me and starts feeling me up, as any sort of refusal could get me labeled a transphobe, which are castrated and forcibly reassigned gender, I allow the creature its fill
>welcome to obama's america, I think as his tits rub against my chest

>General CIS Privelege Alert forecast throughout the area
>Summer weather and global wearming increase racism and oppressive behaviors inherent in the caucasoid and derived peoples
>substituting kindergarten class
>Walk in see on Chalkboard:
>Feminist Anatomy and the Child's Imagination
>See in front of class a smirking schnoz beside a nude onyx man, glistening in the 9AM sun
>"We are teaching the children to not be fear the potent african sexuality. The boys will each have a chance to decide if they would like to become women."
>Some boys are converted at schnoz's discretion
>Trailer parked in school parking lot offers needle exchange, counseling, housing assistance as well as CIS-scum destroying feminized clothing for any boys who elect to leave the Patriarchy
>Made to strip and stand beside african model
>"You want your tenure, dont you, goy?"
>Negro bends me over massive teachers desk
>his eyelids lay dimly across his dumb monkey eyes, not even flinching when a fly alights
>I know what is coming but ask anyways, "W-what do you want?"
>like a baritone yeti he parted his slathering lips and raspily bellowed
>mfw he didnt even answer the question

>enjoying the lengthy summer provided by President Obama's Funky Fresh Commission on Anthropogenic Climate Adjustment for the Betterment of American Society
>thinking about planting some seeds
>go to the garden supply section of my local corner store (because we must always buy local)
>pick up a packet of seeds for all colors of the visible spectrum, and a couple of the infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths, just to be safe
>get on my fixed gear bike and start pedalling home, flagellating the entire way as penance for anyone who is differently-abled or tetrapodal-phobic
>get home, head to my backyard
>tie a bandana around my head, have my spade and watering can with me
>plunge my shovel into the peaty earth
>hear a shudder and groan as spirits rise from the crack in the earth I have created
>'FOOLISH MAN,' booms a voice that seems to come at me from all sides,' DO YOU NOT REALIZE THAT YOU HAVE RAPED ME, MOTHER EARTH?'
>I look at my rake
>it's covered with blood, my semen, and small planetoid fetuses
>I gnash my teeth and tear out my hair, weeping at my foolish, Patriarchy-engendered foolishness
>as the CIS Police comes to take me away, an officer, looks at me and spits
>Ze takes off my bandana and looks at me with utter disgust
>'So... little whiteboy thought it'd be fun to play Jamestown huh?'
>Zir CIS police partner looks from zis wheelchair and laughs
>'That's a charge of cultural appropriation on top of a Class 3 Rape of Mother Gaea'
>Ze grabs my dick, still covered with dirt and little bits of planet
>'Where you're going... we're gonna fill you up with all the culture you need...'

>Be at job interview for Mcdonalds, along with 23,325.8 other applicants.
>Somehow make it into the second phase of the selection process (despite my etiolated complexion).
>Lie on the application process, by claiming my privilege index was only a 6.57 (I wrote that I was a Mexican)
>The HR representative calmly scans my Personal Identification Implant (PII)
>Visibly nervous and sweating
>Name : Anon
>Sex : Cis-Privileged
>Race : Caucasian Oppressor
>Privilege Index : 489,032,589,034.23
>The strong black womyn gazes at the readings, mouth open, aghast.
>Oh shit!
>Attempt to bail
>Make it outside, but a hovering enforcement drone manages to spot me.
>"Calling all units, Code 384: Unchecked privilege, general bigotry, rape, and willful misrepresentation of privilege index."
>Counter-privilege therapy squad pulls up.
>They taser me for three whole hours.
>Trial skipped due to the odious nature of the crime.
>Sent of to a cis-reeducation camp
>Loads of Thiopental, castration, estrogen patches, penetration, and severe beatings (with a pink sparkly dildo).
>I learnt that my problems were really just outbursts rooted in my confused gender identity.
>I'm happy with the new me!
>Privilege abated...

>>Jew York City 2074
>>This morning I was notified by my friendly local CisPolice that my further existence as a privileged white male is no longer acceptable. I was caught browsing in the "Classical" section of the Barnes and Noble.
>>While this would have surely been my death sentence in say the 2040's before the Ciscaust, society has made great stride in the fields of race and sex alteration technology.
>>I'm off to the local clinic to end my 20 years of shame once and for all!

>>I pay a small sum of $10,000 USD and enter the CisChamber
>>A hologram appears with various choices in the sexual dimension including: EVILMAN, Woman, Transgender, Dickless, Melonpussy, Asexual hemaphrodite, mutilated vagina boy pussy dick. dolphin, cube, etc
>>Options from the racial dimension vary from any combination of a minimum of twelve races. The european races are the most unatractive however, and are at the bottom of this list.
>>I decide to be an Ugandan-Chinese mix, with the rest of the races chosen at random, I make myself have a MelonPussy just to be safe.
>As I bathe in the synthetic embryonic fluid, I can feel my testicles begin to shrink and move upward into my body. The head of my penis begins to expand and widen until a large vagina in present. My clitoris begins to form, yet it is curiously 3 inches long. Heh, I guess that's what the MelonPussy is like.

>Finals are done
>Go to student union to turn in butt plugs for the semester
>Privelege has been so checked, am starting to get used to it
>File into the goy line
>"Why do the gingers get their own line?" I ask?
>SHUT YO COT DAM MOUF BISH! thundered one of the schizoid street artists that live in our lobby in Obamabucks tents.
>Three plump negresses approach me.
>"WHY YO buttPLUG iz aredy awt?"
>"I was going to turn it in..."
>"You cant be trusted to do nothing! Docta needs to be the one to decide to pull it out of you!"
>A square jawed crew cut bulldyke comes barreling towards the conversation, her wallet chain a jingling partner to the martial thud of her boots
>several sissified males in tow and chained to a leash in her hand
>"The butt plug symbolizes your rejection or Patriarchy. If you remove the buttplug, you are saying you want to murder and rape women, gays, lesbians, bronies, trans"
>MFW by school policy I commited serial rape
>MFW I was suspended from the honors dorm and assigned a shock collar
>MFW my new dorm was the house staff of a historically black college mansion
>MFW my privelege is checked and I'm covered in their ashiness

>taking my trans-species female canine Jenna (a cis male feline before hir transition) for a check up at the Trans Veterinary Clinic
>walk in and the cis racial African trans abled womyn working behind the counter tells me to take a seat because the vet will see us soon
>I sit in the waiting room reading an article in Trans* Entertainment by Lana Wachowski about her upcoming utopian film which is a reinterpretation of the Matrix for our more enlightened times
>the trans species human/cephalopod Vet calls me in, he's wearing a pink lab coat
>he performs various tests and makes sure to check that my dog is totally free of cis privilege
>unfortunately Jenna has both worms and some cis privilege is also detected, I hang my head in shame while he prescribes more hormones and an intestinal purgative that will address both conditions
>before leaving I sign hir up for another cis privilege check up for 2 weeks and promise to do what I can to eradicate cis privilege from all of Mother Gaia's creatures

>wake up after 20 years of slumber
>walk down to my local church, as it's a Sunday
>statue of a vagina where cross is supposed to be
>weird shit
>head inside to look for priest
>church has been replaced with dungeon
>everybody's fucking, and nobody seems to have the right genitals
>"What the fuck is going on here, this is holy ground!"
>they all perk their head up
>laugh at me
>"Lol, good one. Come suck xie dick"
>I get mad and hit this manwoman
>It screeches the most ungodly screech
>the rest of them drop what they're doing to get me
>I'm surrounded and chained to the floor
>large black man with a vagina comes up to me
>"White, male, catholic, straight, CIS! I've never SEEN so much privilege. Son, you boutta get your shit checked."
>Heshe in white coat and gloves comes out
>I'm knocked out
>wake up with a vagina where my balls used to be, and one huge tit in the middle of my chest
>huge branding of the words "DIE CIS SCUM" burned into my left arm
>people staring at me
>girl starts crying "it's so beautiful"
>never go to church again

>The year is 4 anno Marxi (2022 according to former, racist, imperialist calendar, but noone dares to use it since the revolution)
>walking alone down the street into a shop, not a soul around me
>cross the street and continue to walk on the other side
>suddenly hear a siren
>Anti-Opression Squad pulls by
>A squad of black wymyn and transpeople equality enforcers exits the vehicle and heads towards me
>notice black transperson approaching me from the other side of the street, yelling "RACISS MUTHAFICKA, Y U DISS ME!"
>An equality enforcer officer says: "You are guilty of racially profiling this person. Survelliance drone captured you crossing the street to the other side as the member of the marginalised race approached you, instead of bowing down and offering your anus as is required. Explain your prejudiced behaviour now!"
>"I.. I was just.. crossing the street on my way to the shop.. I did.. did not even notice him.. I swear.."
>Officer: "Let the marginalised one speak!"
>I tried to protest, but she interrupted me: SHUT UP, as a member of the privileged race, you have no right to challenge the marginalised opinion when it comes to oppression! By the power given to me by President Obama, you are ordered to immidiately offer your anus to the minority member you just oppressed.
>I hear "MUH DIK, MUH DIK, BEND YO WHITEY!" as his dick ravages my anus
>some of the Equality Enforcement Squad start to masturbate to the sight
>after he fills my insides with his cum, I am awarded 500 oppressor points for the transgression.
>notice that I have just 200 to exceed my annual limit of oppressor points, after which I have to endure forced gender reassignment procedure
>stay at home for the rest of the year just to be sure

>At a nearby 7-11 purchasing some groceries
>Suddenly, a CIS privilege alert
>Black vans from the United States Department of Feminism and Sexual Privilege arrive
>The store is put under a lockdown; apparently there is a sexual deviant, a male who doesn't enjoy another man's dick in the store
>After a few hours, one of the men in the store admits that he likes females
>He gets thrown into a black DoFSP van. He will most likely be sent to a concentration camp for heterosexual males that is located somewhere in Wyoming
>DoFSP officers apologize the inconvinience and offer us some complimentary dragon dildos and ''Obama''-brand estrogen patches

>Drunk at the local franchise of Freaknik
>Use the pinky goy staircase and stick to pinky goy rules:
>dont talk to the womyn
>dont look at the womyn
>do whatever the womyn tell you to do
>have to goto the bathroom
>accidentally walk through one of the Freaknik rooms on the way to the bathroom
>Jungle musk hanging in the air like aerosolized Jordans and starch
>MC abruptly ceases
>womyn are upset
>volume raises to harpie level
>male negros react by swarming me
>they stand on my arms and legs and tear my clothing off me
>theyre bodies are huge from the Obamacare Black Health Initiative's free personal trainers and nutritionists and i'm no match for them
>they each begin to drop their pants, revealing surgically crafted vaginas adorning their black musculature
>squatting over my face, they smear sweaty african snail trails across me
>marking me with post-patriarchal streaks that smell like ferrari cologne
>their artificial labia puckered and clung to me like a fetid crustacean
>mfw they could beatbox with their quefs

>I am led from my pen into CIS-REALIGNMENT CENTRE 13
>My strong, Afro-Womyn handler points me towards the reception with her dildo adorned pimp-cane
>The receptionist's face was a mass of pulsating genitals, with precum and vaginal juices dripping down its neck
>"BLAURGHWAUGHHHH" blared the thing
>"I am sorry, i do not know what you are saying"
>I am forced into a cell, where 72 hours of native trans-mutant music is blasted into my ears
>I am rendered unconscious once the time is up, and a team of trans-simians remove my testicles and implant them into my heels
>I am no longer able to walk, and am strapped into my Olympic brand diversity chair
>Estroegen mist fills the air and i am overcome with womanly emotions

>My cis-female partner was due for release from re-education camp.
>She has been there since mid 2017
>She was caught in the act of baking some bread, an act deemed beneath Womyn kind
>She rejected the teachings of the Anti-Cis Equality Enforcers, and acted against it in secret
>I didn't recognize her when she was led out of the camp by the Trans-ethnic womyn guards
>Her head was shaved, her jaw squared out and her breasts had been removed
>Much of her feminine traits were minimized in her time spent there
>She looked down on me in disgust, spat on my face and shouted at me in a hoarse, unfamiliar voice 'Bend tha fuck ova!'
>Fearful, I complied and she ripped my ACEE approved emasculation skirt off my waist
>She pulled off her own pants to reveal they had transplanted a massive black dick to where her vagina once was
>She shoved it into my ass dry and pounded it bloody as the Trans-ethnic women giggled and encouraged her
>I did my best not to cry out or show pain, afraid I may be penalized for not embracing my superiors
>I'll never have my former cis-female partner's fresh baked bread again
>If I break up with her now, I will be publicly fucked to death by the Trans-horse executioners.

>I snuck through the alley way, checking carefully to make sure I wasn't followed
>It's been 2 years since I cut my hair short and started wearing baggier clothes
>Thank you Mom for not passing on your heavily femme traits to me, may you rest in peace
>I quickly passed beyond a plain door into a dark hallway
>I didn't bother with the light as I quickly rushed down the stairs and unlocked the heavy metal door at the bottom
>In the dim light I could see my boyfriend laying on the cot bed waiting for me
>He rushed up and embraced me, a feeling I have missed for many months.
>He held me tight and spun me around, an act that would get him publicly stoned if he were caught
>It showed male dominance over womyn, and that would never be tolerated again
>We kissed passionately for minute before pulling apart
>As he stripped my clothes off, I fumbled in my bag and pulled out a long, blonde wig
>I put it on as he moaned softly and kissed my breasts
>I shuddered, and begged him to take me now
>As he pushed his penis inside me I felt as if I could cum from that alone
>The hot flesh was mind blowingly beautiful compared to the dildos provided by the State
>A sudden small blast and thudding of boots told me I wasn't careful enough
>We were caught mid coitus in the forbidden act, cismale to cisfemale
>I'm sorry Mom, I can't go out in a blaze of glory as you did
>The took aim, ready to put us down like vicious animals
>A tear rolled down my cheek as I told him 'I love you'

>Turn on radio
>Only station allowed to play is Trans-FM
>To ensure enough diversity, music from every minority group around the globe is layered on top of one another, creating a jumbled staticy mess of noise
>This, coupled with the sounds of the trans-presenter's rampant fucking proves too much for the little radio, it explodes, blasting my arms, legs and genitals off, as well as burning off my shameful white skin
>It is a joyous day, for i am no longer an oppressive, able bodies white cis-male

>despite my highly privileged status as a cis gendered, heterosexual male I have recently managed to graduate near the top of my class from Cornell University's School of Trans* Human Ecology
>I have scored remarkably well on the Privilege Adjusted GREs and awaiting word on acceptance to a number of prestigious trans* professional programs
>I wrote my essay about my work volunteering with trans racial children from income adjusted families and none of my recommendations come from a person of cis gender or even cis race
>even still I am expecting to be disappointed, despite my academic achievements my social credentials will never hold up against all of the adequate trans candidates who have applied to those same programs
>I have already spoken with one of my professors who thinks that if I don't get into any schools xie can get me into a 2 year long unpaid internship that will qualify me as an otherkin and at that point I can apply to schools again, I might also be able to work part time at a middle school for furfags and if so I'll at least be able to afford food and it will be good experience as well
>I have my fingers crossed, I bide my time and continually check my privilege every waking hour

>Out playing basketball
>tackled and kicked in the face
>nuts tazed one prong for each nut, shaft, and nipple
>told basketball game has to have mandated trans and multi raced individuals in game or else encouraging segregation, rape and murder
>suddenly Tyrone and Blue Moon are air dropped in to play
>Tyrone immediately takes the ball and runs never to be seen again
>Blue Moon starts accusing me of rape for not looking at it
>Kicked in the nuts again just to make sure I am no threat even though I'm sprawled on the floor gasping for air
>Privilege checked.

>Sabina Shoemaker, a 17 years old girl with full body alterations which makes her look like an anthropomorphic cat, is in the principal's office.
>He's holding a certificate of some kind, "We are so sorry we didn't noticed earlier"
>He was noticeably nervous, but Sabrina had no idea what he was talking about.
>"Please understand, if we knew about this, we would have taken the proper steps to ensure your... well... that we didn't do anything against you"
>Sabrina was lost. "What is it?"
>"Do you remember last week's SO/SI test?"
>He gave the certificate to Sabrina
>"Department of the Minorities, Division of Sexual Orientation
>The Department of the Minorities recognizes SABRINA SHOEMAKER as been legally LESBIAN
>Your CIS PRIVILEGE augmentation will be adjusted to reflect these changes."
>Sabrina later discovered that the principal was arrested for "CIS Privilege Violation"
>After his conviction, he was also charged for "Crimes against the planet", "Pro-Nuclear advocacy terrorism" and "Fursecution"
>He was incinerated while alive without a proper trial, for having more than 2 federal insensibility charges.

>New privilege laws go into effect today
>Miss notice
>sitting at work dicking around on /pol/
>refresh a few times, no new posts are being made
>decide to go to the bathroom, maybe there will be new posts when I get back.
>Notice that the sign on the bathroom is missing
>go in anyway
>urinals have "Do Not Cross" tape blocking their use
>go into stall, unzip pants, and proceed to pee standing up
>notice camera watching me piss
>freak out, leave stall and wash hands.
>androgynous transethnic privilege officer waiting outside restroom.
>Speaks an indiscernible combination of all languages, as not to oppress any non English speakers.
>"I-I'm sorry officer, what did I do wrong?"
>more random baffling, slaps on cuffs and takes me to a surveillance room and shows footage of me abusing my male privilege by standing up and pissing.
>taken to the hospital so they can sew my penis downward into my scrotum so I have to pee sitting down

>be radical cis terrorist living where the gubbamints cant find me
>the final phase of my master plan is almost complete
>mail cookies to everyone in Murrikkka (formerly America)
>cis people get chocolate chip cookies
>everyone else gets
>wait for it...
>wait for it...
>the next day, government newspapers report the horrific atrocity that i have committed
>trans people everywhere are crying into their tumblr accounts
>thousands of monuments and museums are set up to document this awful crime against huwomynity
>laugh maniacally

>Preparing to attend the required United Nations Cis Awareness and Re-Education Conference
>Putting on finest dirty white T-Shirt that is 4 sizes too big, as set forth in the Appearance Regulations prepared by Obama's new perception czar.
>Put on Jean shorts that go half-way to my calf
>The Jorts fall below my sexually active ass
>Grab my belt
>I realize I am oppressing people by keeping my pants up with a belt
>Q.U.I.L.T.B.A.G.* police force crashes through my window
>Red laser dots all over my face, my chest, and my DETO, (Disgusting Evil Tool of Oppression (formerly known as male genitalia))
>I need to think fast
> "I..I.. am just practicing auto-erotic asphyxiation !"
>Grab my gender-neutral, non-objectifying, UN sanctioned erotic reading materials
>Fap into my own eye while choking myself
>Q.U.I.L.T.B.A.G. police leave reluctantly
> Privilege un-checked (HA)

>Wake up in the morning and take my daily dose of testosterone blockers
>tape my dick up into my body, it hurts less than yesterday
>got to go into town to get some tofu and cottage cheese
>can't afford the bus, prices for EVILMEN have gone up 200%
>claim to be asexual demi-romantic to get a discount
>obese bearded buswomyn with mlp tshirt isn't fooled
>shit, my dicktape's come loose leaving a small but noticeable crotchbump
>Oh s-s-sorry, back off the bus and activate my pain collar to counteract my privilege
>decide to run to town
>half a mile later a pink prius screeches in front of me, sirens blaring
>three people step out
>oh no, it's the privilege police, better prepare my butt-plug for inspection
>one is an Asian ftm wearing nothing below the waist bar a strap on dildo
>one is a trans woman, with a bigger bulge than mine, wearing a blue tutu and bunny ears
>the last is a fursuiter in a foetid wolf-suit
>'sorry zirs, what has this one done wro...'
>the furry hits me in the face with a dragon dildo
>i keel over into the mud and the Asian with the dildocock leans over me
>'EVILMEN aren't allowed to physically exercise without permission'
>big bulge is next, it rips my federally mandated butt-plug out with terrible force and pushes it against my lips
>'exercise is just a way for men to become better at raping, therefore unsanctioned exercise is RAPE!'
>the word reverberates around my head
>'no no no no, please, i didn't know'
>'silence rapist EVILMAN scum'
>dildocock kicked me in the guts a few times, each time screeching 'RAPE RAPE RAPE'
>all i can do is lie in the mud crying whilst wolfsuit clamps his teeth around my balls and begins to bite them off
>I should have checked my privilege

>at local Federal Office for Unity and Equality
>signing paperwork for mandatory sex work conscription for the state's purposes of "including trans individuals into our community", as described by executive order c15
>taken into back room and sat into chair for blood test
>suddenly, arms and legs clamped to the chair
>alarms go off
>testosterone levels too high for a cis white male
>large African man comes in and attaches ankle bracelet - bears ID number m1640329
>ankle bracelet monitors testosterone levels and electrocutes me whenever they are too high, thereby training my body to secrete less
>taken into cultural awareness booth
>dressed into state-sanctioned asexual pleasure uniform and bent over onto table
>countless other men bent over next to me along the length of the table
>seemingly endless line from ethnic wing comes to sexually engage us at the table
>stay there for hours until the office closes
>receive my monthly privilege-free card that must be shown upon random inspection by state-sanctioned ethnic officers
>go home and dress in my asexual pajamas, lie in bed
>fall asleep, knowing soundly that my privilege is checked and I have been satisfactorily punished for my bigotry

>CIS thoughts persist despite the best efforts of Pangendered Neighborhood Watch Initiatives
>Whole society hunting for a cure for CISdom
>Unites America like landing on the moon
>Billions for social science
>Federal Gender Authority given authority over all reproductive technologies
>Congress passes Right to Gender legislation
>Privilege Index becomes primary government identification
>Gender re-assignment and elective sexual surgeries are the next bubble pushed by powerful actors in American society
>Celebrities showing off highly modified or radically abbreviated genitalia
>Entourages of countless pasty beta sissies with one or two sub negros
>Tom Cruise's apollo's belt descends into two bifurcating vaginal canals
>One adorned with blond hair
>Another surrounded by a dense dark bush
>Gwenyth Paltrow promotes a web front end of beastility web cams
>Society fawns over her radical reinvention of "Doggy style"
>dem St Bernards
>dat Iditarod sled team
>Site revenue proudly goes to collaboration between NAMBLA and the US Dept. of Ed
>Celebrity cumdumpsters given penilectomy pioneers to show off at parties and premiers
>Knock off chastity/penilectomy/castration products flood global markets
>China exports bolt cutters it electroplates with toxic silver compounds as the "Queens Gelder"
>Sells 200000 units in 6 months
>Most financial power in the world is female owned
>75% of global economy is cosmetics, clothing and CIS-privelege related technologies
>Checked Privelege is the new Green
>Marriage now replaced by legalized master-slave relationships
>Sissification now an MOS in US military

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