Miyerkules, Hulyo 30, 2014

pol, regarding two-party paradigms

The left-right paradigm which is so defamed as nonexistent here, is in a way real, but is better defined as the reactionary-progressive paradigm.

The progressive part is the moving actor and the reactionary is, shocking, the reactor. The actor moves steadily forward at an increasing speed, like an object in freefall, while the reaction force increasingly fails to slow it down.

Now, here is the crux of this, and the part you won't here often: As the reaction force fails and the progressive force continues to pick up speed, it eventually becomes too sure of itself, too cocky, it moves too fast, and eventually it will drive the majority of people in society into not only the reaction force, but increasingly, militant and eventually very hostile reaction forces. Society, then, will as a whole, snap back against progressivism, against globalization, and sometimes against urbanization.

You may be asking why any of this is relevant or applies to common life. Particularly it is important because we are on the death spiral for democracy in large parts of the world that we were on 90 years ago. What we are seeing in the right, as it further and further increases it's intolerance for the left, is the later parts of the populist movement. of the 1890s. Groups which I believe to be part of this "new populist block" include Front National, UKIP, Golden Dawn, Ukraine's new government, Swedish Democrats, and others.

Another crux of this point, and a grave prediction: All of these groups will inevitably fail, with perhaps the exception of the Golden Dawn. They are not the final form, but a means to an end, a proof that reactionaries will not win through peace. As this becomes apparent, the narrative of the right in Europe will turn it's praise away from democracy and democratic ideals, as the need to preserve the old way through any means asserts itself. What we will have then, gentlemen, is proper nationalist parties, some terribly similar to those of the 1930s.

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