Martes, Hunyo 28, 2011

Alignment Macros-Lawful Good!

First is Raylan Givens from Justified:
Why is he Lawful Good? Because he acts for the good of others and with respect for the law. He also has his own organized manner of doing things (like giving Tommy Bucks time to go before shooting him). I daresay that he's one of the best Lawful Good characters on TV-since television usually portrays such characters as humorless, crusader-like dispensers of objective goodness, its nice to see a character that's true to his own morals and still remains complex.

Now, for a different kind of Lawful Good character:

...Andrew "Ack Ack" Haldane from The Pacific! The quote is the perfect definition of his character: he fights both for the safety of his men and for his idea of goodness. Obviously, this sort of Lawful Good character is more easier to discern: in the context of the Pacific, people like him, in comparison to the rest of the soldiers, appear as the big "good" in the series. This doesn't make him any less compelling of a character, however.

That's all, next time, I'll post some neutral good characters!

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