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A Census of the Cook Family from Too Many Cooks

IT TAKES A LOT TO MAKE A-No, no, I won't. Being the obsessive person I am, I think I've seen Too Many Cooks about 50 times in the last week alone, combing it for Easter eggs. In my rewatches, I've compiled a list of all the Cook family members and their actors.

People without the surname of Cook are marked with an asterisk.


Grandma 1: Veronica Van (?) Cook/Linda Miller
Grandma 2: Grammy Cook/Barbara Bruce

Father: Darren Cook/Ken DeLozier
--Job: Architect/Engineer
Mother: Claire Cook/Tara Ochs

Female Spouse: Sasha Cook/Mary McGahren
Male Spouse: T.L. Cook/Marc Farley
--Job: Office Drone


Chloe Cook/Katelyn Nacon
Harry Cook/Justin Scott
Savannah Cook/Morgan Burch
Olivia Cook/Jayla James
Warren O'Cook/Cameron Markeles (Cousin?)
Jim Cook/Zack Shires
Armondo Del Cook/Gwydion Lashlee-Walton (Spanish foreign exchange student/surrogate child, I guess?)

Jenny Cook/Layla Neal OR Lila Neal
Taylor Cook/Truman Orr
Zoe Cook/Ginny Gibbons
Dave Cook/Dylan Schoenthal
Thomas Van Cook IV/Logan Schoenthal (Only blood relation of Veronica Van Cook?)

Cody Cook/Ricky Boynton
Logan O'Cook/VC Fuqua (relation to Warren O'Cook?)
Melissa Cook/Nilsa Castro
Caleb Cook/Gregory Rose

Marilyn McCook/Victoria Sun
Melinda Cook/Wonder Woman (?)/Kayte Giralt

From Corporate:
Archer Cook/Charles Pittard
Aimee Cook/Karen Cassady

Black Relatives/counterparts:
Alex Cook/Michael Jenkins
Stanislav Cook/Chris Riley
Ashley Cook/Tina Bandoo
Linda Cook/Cynthia Jenkins
Louise Cook/Sheila McCoy

Perverted Incestuous Neighbors:
Chris Cook/Robin (?)/Will Dove

Fire Fighters:
Jebediah Cook/Clayton Russell

Laura Cook/Ali Froid
Ralph Cook/Ed Kercado
Sgt. Cook/James White
Det. Derrick Cook/Eugene Jackson
COAT (Family Friend)/Matthew Kody Foster
Pie (Family Friend)/Lars Von Trier
Det. W.J. Cookowski/Derek Huffmaster

D.C. "Fingers" Cook/Josh Lowder

Oil Barons out in the countryside:
Athena Cook/Candace Mabry
Tecumseh Cook/Ben Peck
Chad Cook/Dan Triandiflou

Sorority Girls:
Pam Cook/Elena Norde
Lori Cook/Amy Rollins
Samantha Cook/Katie Adkins

Space Explorers:
Commodore Montgomery Cook/Steve Bowlin
Lance Starcook/John Crow
Flizztron'dk, C.O.O.K./Matthew Sparks
Capt. Jen Simmer/Jennifer Giles (*)
Doctor Shazznarlk/Matt Burke
B6-12 (Family Friend)/John Skowronski

Dr. Bennett-Hamilton Cooke/John Curran
Dr. Alexis Wentworth Cooke/Mary Kraft

Captain James Cook/Nick Gibbons

Sebastian Cook/Tony Holley (seen while Samantha Cook was running away from Bill, only from the back)
Roy Broil/Aurangzeb Haq (*) (seen while Samantha Cook was running away from Bill, credited as Haq Aurangzeb instead)

No appearance/focus shot in intro:
V.O. Cook/John Garry
Ben Bake/Jeffrey Kim (*)
Juggler Cook/Jonathan Jackson
Benji Cooke/Cameron Boling
Travis Cook/Oz Shaw
Fifi Cook/Heather Kelly
McGillicutty Cook/Ava Kelly
Poppy Cook/Maggie Kelly
Chloe Bush/Rachel DeJulio (*)

Credited Actors with no named character:
Shawn Coleman?
Paul Painter?
Sue Carr?
Aimee Holmberg?

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