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Ernest Hemingway- TRIVIA

What was little Ernie's pet name for his mother?

"Silkey Sockey"

Hemingway once wrote he'd like to grind this author into powder, which he would then sprinkle over the grave of this author with the hopes of bringing him back to life.

T. S. Eliot; Joseph Conrad

According to Hemingway folklore, Grace Hemingway (EH's mother) declined what invitation in order to be present on her wedding day?

To sing at a gala honoring Queen Victoria

What nickname did Hemingway give himself while in high school?


What was the name of the high school literary magazine in which one of Hemingway's earliest stories, "The Judgment of Manitov" appeared?

The Tabula

Which one of Hemingway's friends once wrote that the author left his wives, "more able to cope with life than he found them"?

John Dos Passos

After reading a draft of The Sun Also Rises, this writer advised Hemingway to "start over again, and concentrate." Hemingway did just that.

Gertrude Stein

Not only did he publish some of Hemingway's earliest work, he has also been accused of spreading rumors that Ernest Hemingway was a homosexual.

Robert McAlmon

In his review of Hemingway's Death in the Afternoon, he called the book a "Baedeker of bulls."

Malcolm Cowley

She once said of Ernest Hemingway: "I honestly think that if more people had friends like Ernest was, there would be fewer analysts."

Marlene Dietrich

Of all his novels and short stories made into movies, which was the only film Hemingway actually liked?

The Killers

Which Hemingway novel is the only of his novels to be set in the United States?

To Have and Have Not

What sum of money did Paramount Pictures give Ernest Hemingway for the rights to film, For Whom The Bell Tolls?


What was Hemingway's original title for "The Killers"?

"The Matadors"

What was Hemingway's original title for "The Snows of Kilimanjaro"?

"A Budding Friendship"

What was Hemingway's original title for "The Short Happy Life Francis Macomber"?

"The Happy Ending"

He was the timekeeper, whose negligence in stopping a round of boxing, caused Hemingway to be floored by his opponent, Morley Callaghan.

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Hemingway forbade this man to marry his sister Carol.

John Gardner

She introduced Katherine Anne Porter and Hemingway because she said, "I want the two best modern American writers to know each other."

Sylvia Beach

Hemingway once bet John O'Hara $50 that he could break his blackthorn walking stick over his head (Hemingway won the bet). Who had given this walking stick to O'Hara?

John Steinbeck

Hemingway was not at all amused when this man, a fellow Oak Parker, jokingly asked him to autograph a set of Mark Twain books.

Colin Miller

Where is "Harry's Bar" mentioned in Hemingway's oeuvre?

Across the River and into the Trees

He is the model for Robert Cohn in The Sun Also Rises?

Harold Loeb

She is the model for Brett Ashley in The Sun Also Rises?

Lady Duff Twysden

She is the model for Nurse Barkley in A Farewell to Arms?

Agnes Von Kurowsky

When adolescent Ernest started walking home with this fellow classmate, it prompted his mother to write, "It is the very first notice he has ever taken of any girl." Ernest would have his first date with this girl.

Dorothy Davies

This journalist was the first to advise young Ernest that the best writing comes from personal experience.

Trumbull White

While his mother played the piano and his father, the cornet, what musical instrument did Ernest try his hand at?

The cello

Who introduced Hemingway to the Shakespeare quotation that he would later use in the story, "The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber"?

Eric (Chink) Dorman-Smith

Other than being married to the same man, what two things did Hemingway's first wife Hadley Richardson and third wife Martha Gellhorn have in common?

Both attended Bryn Mawr College; Both were from St. Louis

Hemingway was amused when this man misspelled his last name (Hemenway) in print.

Edward O'Brien

Hemingway is one of the world's most translated writers, but he is not the world's most translated writer. According to numerous sources, who holds first place honors?

Agatha Christie

Hemingway was greatly distressed that this man made it out to the barn before he did.

Gary Cooper

He once said of Hemingway: "Something within him drove him to want to be expert at every occupation he touched."

Morley Callaghan

While legend has it that Hemingway was the first American wounded in Italy during World War I, this Lieutenant was killed in June, several weeks before young Ernest's wounding at the Fossalta di Piave.

Edward M. Mckey

A young Hemingway once labelled this writer, "the greatest writer in the world."

James Joyce

What was the number of the suite at the Sun Valley lodge that became known as "Hemingstein's Mixed Vicing and Dicing Establishment"?

Suite 206

Her term of endearment for Hemingway was "The Pig."

Martha Gellhorn

During his relationship with fourth wife Mary Welsh Monks, Hemingway often referred to his sexual potency as this.

Mr. Scrooby

At the end of the film, Saving Private Ryan, a dying Tom Hanks says "angels on our shoulders" in reference to the P51 tank bombers flying overhead. Private Ryan (played by Matt Damon) responds, "What sir?" What Hanks says next sounds like, "Ernest, Ernest." Having learned earlier in the film that Hanks was a teacher of English composition, many think that in saying "angels on our shoulders," he is actually quoting Ernest Hemingway. But Hanks has not said, "Ernest, Ernest." What are his exact last words to Private Ryan?

"Earn this. Earn it."

At the end of the film, Se7en, Morgan Freeman recites a Hemingway quote, which includes the following words: "world, fine, place." What novel does this quotation come from?

For Whom the Bell Tolls

He was the producer of a film version of A Farewell to Arms that Hemingway absolutely despised.

David O. Selznick

If you examined the resumes of Hemingway's fourth wife Mary and his brother Leicester, you would notice a similarity. Where were the two once employed?

The Chicago Daily News

E. B. White felt this would have been a more appropriate title for Hemingway's critically scorned 1950 novel, Across the River and into the Trees.

Across the Street and Into the Grill

Her nickname for Hemingway was "Oinbones."

Madelaine (Sunny) Hemingway

What is the street address of Hemingway's Key West, Florida home?

907 Whitehead Street

In what year was Ernest Hemingway awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature?


The Spanish Civil War was the inspiration for which Hemingway novel.

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Hemingway occasionally referred to this fellow writer as "the golden walrus."

Ford Madox Ford

He had a theory that Hemingway needed a new woman for every big book.

F. Scott Fitzgerald

She always resented being known solely as Ernest Hemingway's wife and once said: "Why should I be a footnote to someone else's life?"

Martha Gellhorn

Hemingway called this wife his "pocket Rubens."

Mary Welsh Monks

One of the characters in Green Hills of Africa is referred to as P.O.M. What do these initials stand for?

Poor Old Mama

Upon hearing the news of Hemingway's death in 1961, he said: "I remember the fascination that made me want to read aloud 'The Killers' to everybody that came along. He was a friend I shall miss. The country is in mourning."

Robert Frost

After she broke her back in a deliberate jump off her second-story balcony, Hemingway referred to her as "the girl who fell for him literally."

Jane Mason

Her artwork appeared on the first edition cover of Hemingway's 1950 novel, Across the River and into the Trees.

Adriana Ivancich

This writer once offered a friendly bit of advice to Hemingway's first wife Hadley: "Most wives try to change their husbands. With him it would be a terrible mistake."

Ezra Pound

What is the name of the boat Harry Morgan uses to transport the Cuban bank robbers from Key West to Havana in Hemingway's novel, To Have and Have Not?

The Queen Conch

He once wrote that The Old Man and the Sea "is an idyll of the sea as sea, as un-Byronic and un-Melvillian as Homer himself, and communicated in a prose as calm and compelling as Homer's verse."

Bernard Berenson

When this man declined an invitation to narrate the 1937 documentary, The Spanish Earth, Hemingway was asked to fill in and he did.

Orson Welles

Who was Hemingway referring to when he told Tennessee Williams: "She died like everyone else . . . and after that she was dead"?

Pauline Pfeiffer

When this man was informed of Hemingway's death by suicide, he replied, "Well Done." Appropriate words from a man who would ultimately take his own life in a similar way.

Juan Belmonte

What is the name of the cat mentioned in Hemingway's 1964 book, A Moveable Feast?

F. Puss

In 1937, the North American Newspaper Alliance paid Hemingway this amount of money per word to report on the Spanish Civil War.


He once said of Hemingway: "I did not read more than six words of his before I decided to publish everything he sent me."

Ford Madox Ford

She once described Hemingway by saying: "He had the nerve of a brass monkey."

Hadley Richardson

Once while shark hunting, Hemingway shot himself in this part of the body.

The calves

A Hemingway phrase inspired the title of this book written by John Knowles.

A Separate Peace

Hemingway wrote an introduction for this book, which was originally published in June of 1930.

Kiki's Memoirs

Hemingway once labelled this writer, "the undisputed champion."

William Shakespeare

What was Hemingway's nickname for second son Patrick?


Nicholas Cage, Meg Ryan, and Ernest Hemingway: in what movie did each of these personalities play a role? Hemingway's role, of course, was not that of an actor. Cage simply makes reference to the great author in the film.

City of Angels

The longest sentence Hemingway ever wrote was 424 words. In which of his books does this sentence appear?

Green Hills of Africa

What was Hemingway's nickname for his brother Leicester?

The Baron

In what bar did Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald first meet?

The Dingo Bar

Hemingway's 1940 novel, For Whom the Bell Tolls was an incredible seller for its time. By the close of 1943, almost 900,000 copies had been sold worldwide, making it the biggest selling book in American fiction since this work.

Gone with the Wind

He once said of Hemingway: "His judgement is not of the best, and if his sobriety is the same as it was some years ago, that is certainly questionable."

J. Edgar Hoover

"You're even bigger than I imagined," she said, after meeting Hemingway in Spain.

Lauren Bacall

Which company manufactures the "Ernest Hemingway Collection" line of furniture?


This writer, who wrote a preface for Gregory Hemingway's book, Papa: A Personal Memoir once paid Ernest Hemingway a great compliment by calling him the "literary father" of all modern novelists.

Norman Mailer

This president asked Hemingway to read at his inauguration. Hemingway declined the invitation due to his failing health.

John F. Kennedy

Who played the part of Ernest Hemingway in the 1996 film, In Love and War?

Chris O'Donnell

Which press published Hemingway's first book?

Contact Publishing Co.

This editor prepared Hemingway's unfinished book, The Garden of Eden for publication in 1986.

Tom Jenks

The Torrents of Spring (1926) is a parody of this writer.

Sherwood Anderson

What animal can be heard at the end of Hemingway's 1936 short story, "The Snows of Kilimanjaro"?


In Martha Gellhorn's book, Travels With Myself and Another, Hemingway is referred to as U.C. What do these initials stand for?

Unwilling Companion

He said of his father: "He may have been a SOB to some people, but he was not a SOB to me."

John Hemingway

She called Carlos Baker's biography of Hemingway, "the King James Version."

Martha Gellhorn

In a 1958 interview with this man, Hemingway claimed to have written the ending of A Farewell to Arms 39 times before being satisfied.

George Plimpton

Of all the professors in academia, he was Hemingway's favorite, mainly because he admired the great writer's works and told him so.

William Seward, Jr.

"All you Truman Capote fans get your hats and coats and leave the room. Here comes a real writer." Who is the "real writer" Hemingway is referring to in this quote?

Nelson Algren

This type of shark devours Santiago's marlin in The Old Man and the Sea.


Mary Hemingway tried (unsuccessfully) to prevent the publication of this book, for she felt it was nothing more than a "shameless penetration into my private life and the usurpation of it for money."

Papa Hemingway

He served as Hemingway's lawyer from 1948-1961 and then as Mary Hemingway's lawyer until his death in 1985.

Alfred Rice

When Robert Jordan and Maria make love in For Whom the Bell Tolls, it is this that moves.

The earth

In The Old Man and the Sea, Santiago advises the boy, Manolin to have faith in this baseball team.

The Yankees

What is the name of Brett Ashley's perpetually drunk fiancé in The Sun Also Rises?

Mike Campbell

Hemingway compared this writer's talent to the pattern made by the dust on a butterfly's wings.

F. Scott Fitzgerald

He was "the man who was marked for death."

Ernest Walsh

Gertrude Stein used this word to describe Hemingway's story, "Up in Michigan"?


In "The Three-Day Blow," Nick shows his appreciation for this British novelist/poet.

G. K. Chesterton

He was Hemingway's first bibliographer.

Louis Henry Cohn

She played the role of Maria in the film version of Hemingway's For Whom the Bell Tolls.

Ingrid Bergman

This man, the author of The Apprenticeship of Ernest Hemingway, also ended his life in suicide.

Charles Fenton

Hemingway called this woman, "the best and truest and loveliest person that I have ever known."

Hadley Richardson

In 1941, Columbia University President Nicholas Murray Butler opposed the Pulitzer Prize Advisory Board's recommendation stating: "I hope that you will reconsider before you ask the University to be associated with an award for work of this nature." Which Hemingway book was he referring to?

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Hemingway spent the majority of his life in this home.

The Finca Vigía in Cuba

She narrated A&E's 1998 biography of Hemingway, Ernest Hemingway: Wrestling with Life.

Mariel Hemingway

Hemingway dedicated his 1950 novel, Across the River and into the Trees to this woman.

Mary Hemingway

He said, after reading Hemingway's 1940 book, For Whom the Bell Tolls: "If the function of a writer is to reveal reality, no one ever so completely performed it."

Maxwell Perkins

What is the name of the steamer that towed log booms in Hemingway's 1924 short story, "The Doctor and the Doctor's Wife"?


In A Moveable Feast, Hemingway claims to have written in a rented room where this man had died.

Paul Verlaine

Of the ten Hemingway novels published, which is the longest?

Islands in the Stream

Which magazine paid Hemingway an incredible $15 per word for a two thousand word story about bullfighting?

Sports Illustrated

Hemingway's lavish 60th birthday party was held here.


In The Garden of Eden, David and Catherine stay in this hotel while in France.

le Grau du Roi

In Across the River and Into the Trees, Richard Cantwell thinks a large lobster served to him resembles this man.

General George Patton

In To Have and Have Not, Harry Morgan thinks this man is the smoothest looking thing.

Mr. Sing

From 1920-1924, Hemingway wrote for this newspaper.

The Toronto Star

In his 1964 book, A Moveable Feast, Hemingway notes that the "talent" of this writer is one of the things needed to achieve the fourth and fifth dimension in writing.

Rudyard Kipling

Where did Hemingway and first wife Hadley enjoy sking?

Schruns, Austria

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