Lunes, Marso 12, 2012

Appreciation for the Empress of Pop, Royal Queen of RnB, Divine Deity of Christmas, Musical Hero and flawless majestic Diva Mariah Carey! Part 2

I said there would be pictures, and there will.

See, I even arranged them to underscore the whole point of the last image-she is THE VOICE! sorry Xtina

She's only had THREE (count 'em, three) singles that have went Silver in all her two decades of being an artist. All of her singles have been either gold or platinum.

She is the Queen of Christmas, and All I Slayed For Christmas Are Your Faves, Oh Slayta!, Auld Lang Slay and her two best-selling Christmas albums that have redefined the holiday itself fucking elevate her greatness in singing to the point of postulation, dammit.

Nearly twenty albums including her two Christmas ones, the compilation albums, the Glitter soundtrack and the live performances album, and all of them have went PLATINUM in the U.S.

Mistress of hand-flailing and clear high notes to the point where she can DAMN run around on stage while TALKING in G#7. Your faves will never.

She is also an expert in throwing shade.

LMAOOO! Poor Fail-Lo never had a chance...

Her empire-her legacy-as an artist is worth like a ZILLION dollars. The word zillion doesn't exist, but even the laws of the English language are willing to bend just for Mariah Carey.

Speaking of The Emancipation of Mimi, it was criminally under-rated by the Grammys crowd (like all her albums). We Belong Together is so fierce!

By now I'm just looking for an excuse to post more MC image macros.

And I've saved the best for last:

Mariah bids you good day.

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